Xu Sheng angry, one will be the hands of the flower rod thrown to the ground, angrily looked Qinyon.g line, eyes stare round yo, like a fried hair of the cat. At the same time, the horse silently bowed his head and IBM Certified Academic Associate it exam ate the flower bar that had been thrown on the ground. Qin Yan line light skim one, ignoring Xu Sheng. Rest for a while, the carriage and shook and walked up, Xu Sheng was very reluctant to sit back to the car. When the maidservant saw it, he smiled and said, If the girl likes to eat tomorrow, IBM Certified Academic Associate the slaves will give you some more back. Do not. She opened the curtain and looked out, as if it was just a whim. Jiaoqiao voice from the window passed out, Qin Yan practice martial arts reasons, hearing more sensitive than others, they naturally heard her words. His mouth ridicule, Yu Zhen like, is.such a superficial stupid people. Night to find a tree to rest, Xu Sheng did not dismount, so that the maidservants will eat food to the carriage after eating, they fell asleep in the carriage. Qin Yan IBM Certification line strange, these s also on the when she said more than two words, people fresh up. Weeks she is not words, two people did not say a word. Suddenly, he thought of something like, frowned. Come a

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
000-120 Academic Associate: IBM i 7 Administration IBM IBM Certified Academic Associate
000-302 DB2 9 Database and Application Fundamentals - Academic Initiative IBM IBM Certified Academic Associate