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Standees are a great point of sale or display item. Having a face size of up to 1200mm x 2400mm we can print a face which is either rectangular or custom shape. We then apply a cardboard strut to the rear. We keep 2 strut sizes on hand and install this at the rear of your standee’s.

We use 5mm corflute for standee’s as we find this the most durable and cost-effective stock for this product.

Please see the link below to get pricing on standees for your customers and see some more information below which should answer most of your questions.

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What If I need A Standee Larger Than Your Max Size?

Standees can be placed next to each other to create a larger graphic if 1200mm x 2400mm is too small for you. However, you would need to create a bracer of some sort at the back of the standees to keep them joined.

What Shape Can You Cut Standees?

We only offer standees in simple shape cuts of 5 points or less. Any intricate shapes may be rejected. The basis of this is it will not cut cleanly and cause sharp edges.

Can You Make The Struts Our Of Corflute?

No this is not an option. We only offer a pre-made cardboard strut.

What Strut Sizes Do You Offer?

We only have 2 struts sizes available. The struts are 320mm x 800mm and 350mm x 1400mm. Your artwork would need to cater for these strut sizes or the strut will be visible once we apply it. We will apply the most suitable sized strut to your board. Please not that we do not make custom struts.

What Happens If My Standee Size Does Not Suit the Strut Size?

We recommend having a minimum safe area of 350mm x 900mm in the middle of your stand, so our smallest strut will fit in this. If your artwork is smaller than the strut, the strut will show.

Do I need To Do Anything Special With The Artwork?

All standee artwork must have a flat bottom or else the standee will not be stable. There also needs to be sufficient space in the middle of the stand for the strut. It is not recommended placing a strut on the side only as it will affect stability.

5mm Corflute

For the Face only

General Artwork Guidelines
- Fonts must be converted to outlines
- 3mm bleeds
- Not having trim marks for rectangle artwork is preferred
- Please include finished size and quantity in file name
- PDF artwork only
- Provide artwork at 100% final size
- Artwork to be in CMYK colour - for any colours which need matching we need pantones and there are additional fees for colour matching

Custom Finishing Guidelines
Please put your artwork on the Artwork layer and ensure it is the top layer
If your artwork needs any Face Scoring please place a white stroke on the Score layer indicating where you want this to be
If your artwork needs any Kiss-cut please place a white stroke on the Kiss-cut layer indicating where you want this to be
If your artwork needs any Custom Cutting please place a white stroke on the Thru-cut layer indicating where you want this to be
If your artwork needs any Routing for any Composite Board printing please place a white stroke on the Thru-cut layer indicating where you want this to be

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