At Mediapoint we believe in not being tied into one way of doing things. Each piece of equipment has its advantages and disadvantages. So, by having a mix of different technologies it allows you to have the best type of technology printed on the type of stock that you are after.

See our arsenal of equipment below.

Durst 512R LED Plus

Installed in May 2020, the Durst 512R LED Plus is a highly productive 5.2m wide roll to roll printing machine. This printer can output up to 364 square meters per hour. It is equipped with CMYK inks and offers some of the best dot placement and print quality in the market. Also being from Durst it is a reliable workhorse.

Durst P10 250HS Plus

Installed in May 2018, the Durst P10 250HS Plus is a highly productive UV Flatbed printer which is also capable of printing roll to roll. This printer can output up to 90 boards per hour measuring 1200mm x 2400mm in flatbed mode and 60 linear meters per hour in our roll to roll mode. It is equipped with CMYK inks and offers some of the best dot placement and print quality in the market. Also being from Durst it is a reliable workhorse. We were the first company in Australia to have this printer paired up with ¾ automation.


Installed in October 2016, the HP Latex 3200 is a high-speed roll to roll printer using HP Latex prints. We have found we can print up to 70 square meters per hour without any banding. Latex inks we have found to have the best ink adhesion on PVC stocks. This printer is a 6 colour machine with CMYKLcLm inks and is suited to longer runs.

2 x HP LATEX 570’s

Installed in March 2019, we have 2 x HP Latex 570 printers. Due to the quick change over in stock it allows us to quickly get printing on a range of roll to roll media’s. HP Latex inks are instantly cured off the printer and are safer as compared to other ink types as it can be used in food applications and around children more safely.

Zund G3 Cutting Table

Installed in March 2012, the Zund G3 cutting table has been a work horse for Mediapoint. It is able to cut a range of substrates and stocks to custom shapes and sizes at speed. Also, as we have a 3.2m x 2.7m cutting bed size which was the first in Australia to have dual vacuum zoning. This allows us max productivity as we can pick off a board while another is cutting. This machine can do many cutting operations such as UCT, POT, Routing, Creasing and many other functions.

3200mm Josting Cutting Machine

Installed in November 2017, Mediapoint has one of the largest Guillotines on the market at 3200mm wide. This allows us to finish and cut the high volume of boards our printers can output quicker than we can print it.

Fotoba XLD Dream Cutter

Installed in October 2016, our Fotoba Dream allows us to cut roll to roll media into squares and rectangles at speed. As it is a XY cutter it can cut and finish posters on a range of stocks quicker than using our Zund or hand cutting.

Miller T3 Welder

Installed in June 2014, the Miller T3 is a hot wedge welder for the welding of PVC Banners. The welding of banners is needed to stop any fraying of banners. This machine can do a normal hem as well as include rope in hemming.

Plast Grommet Roll 2 Roll Lite Eyelet System

Installed in May 2017, this Roll 2 Roll eyelet press allows us to eyelet long banners quickly. However, the biggest benefit of this setup is the when eyeleting the eyelets are always positioned exactly vertical to each other every time as both sides get eyeletted at once. This setup uses ultra-strong and rust free clear eyelets which we have found as the most suitable for banners as they pull against the wind.

Automatic Grommet Machmine

Installed in October 2012, this eyelet press uses strong rust-free metal eyelets. We have found that customers getting boards such as corflute are looking for a metal eyelet. So we use this machine which is calibrated for the right board thicknesses to punch out a reliable press every time.

Summa S Class 2 T160 With Roll Up Option

Installed in October 2015, the Summa Plotter is able to kiss cut stickers on rolls. Thanks to it’s barcode scanning technology we can kiss cut multiple artworks unattended. Also, as it uses a tangential cutter it offers a more reliable cut every time.