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Order by 12 noon AEST for Next Day Dispatch on Synthetic Paper Printing – square cut, single sided, single artwork jobs without any special finishing under $250+GST
Under $500+GST – 2 business days
Under $750+GST – 3 business days
Over$751+ – Speak to us
Any special requirements such as multiple artworks will incur an additional day lead time

Synthetic Posters are more durable than traditional paper posters and can be used as a short-term outdoor solution. This is because unlike paper, synthetic paper can get wet and withstand exposure to rainy weather.

Typically, Synthetic Posters are used wherever a paper poster would be hung but the customer is worried about durability. This includes bus shelters, building entrances and more. The benefit of using Mediapoint for your posters is you will not be limited to traditional offset and sheetfed sizes. We can print up to 1200mm wide and up to 2400mm long at cost-effective pricing in any run size. This gives you the flexibility to design posters to fit the advertising space perfectly.

Please see the link below to get pricing on synthetic posters. If you have any other queries, please refer to the FAQ tabs below or contact us regarding your order.

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How Is the Print Quality on Synthetic Paper?

We digitally print synthetic yuppo posters on an Oce Colorado 1650 printer that uses UV Gel technology. The ink has a matt finish on this stock with a print quality of up to 1800dpi. But as this is digitally printed with an outdoor durable ink, the dot size is larger than offset printing, so the print quality is an Advertising grade. Our print quality is not suited for Photography grade prints.

What Is The Durability Of The Ink In Windows?

We print using an outdoor durable UVink which is rated to withstand 2 years in sunlight before fading. Please note, the actual synthetic stock will yellow after a few months in direct sunlight.

Do You Offer Double Sided Posters?

No, we are only offering posters with single side printing.

Is Synthetic Stock Tear Resistant?

Yes, it is fairly tear resistant compared to paper. Your posters can be torn under extreme force, but generally this type of stock is very durable and withstands normal wear and tear very well.

How Are Posters Packaged in Transport?

Small quantity deliveries are sent out in cardboard tubes. For larger orders which would use multiple tubes we send posters out in our custom flat packed boxes to ensure they arrive to you in pristine condition. With your orders, you are not able to specify which packaging method to use, the quantity and size of the posters dictates which method we will use. As we have automated prepressing, the packaging get's made automatically as an order goes into production.

Can I Get Custom Shape Synthetic Posters?

No we only offer square or rectangular posters. This is due to us cutting the posters on our Fotoba XLD cutting machine which is an XY printer. We do not offer any poster cutting on our cutting table as the product is not configured for this and our other equipment is at capacity on our other products.

How Do I Order Multiple Artwork Kinds of Synthetic Posters In The IQ System?

On yuppo posters, if you have multiple kinds of posters at the same size, you can order it as a bulk order at the total quantity. When setting up your artwork please have the quantity of each page as the last number of each PDF file. Please note that we do not offer batching of sizes, so you would need to do a multi part job if you are ordering multiple sizes.

Is Mediapoint Able to Offer Kitting & Distribution for My Paper Poster Project?

At Mediapoint we specialize in being the best at print for our Resell Partners. Our system is configured that every job number is 1 packaged job and 1 delivery. Because of this we do not offer kitting and distribution at our bulk rates. However, if this is something that you need, at Mediapoint we can do the print and you can liaise with Ezi-Pac directly who are located close by to our Derrimut location to handle this part of your project.

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