so this thing can not be confirmed. After this song, Song Song s popularity is now climbing a peak. For many people, this time they have on the Song Nian s understanding has been refreshed. Before they think Song Nian is only a famous star, barely considered a small flower in th. e more will be acting. However, from the current point of view, Song read but transformed, into a talented woman green. In fact, everyone touted the more ruthless, Song read their own but more worried about fear, because in fact she knew her jin two, at least not write so much at present the song. So Cisco Certification Song Nian once again found the Li Kuang, and then said that their own songs do not want to re signature, but to become Li Kuo write. This request SMB Li SMB it exam Kuo pondering a moment, or temporarily did not agree. In fact, he did a little bit to protect their own needs, although it can be. ignored, but some people can share some of the creation of the limelight will be better. Next, Song Nian also released a few new songs, and these new songs, basically are the kind of people feel particularly literary and artistic, even if not with the wonderful

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
650-179 SMB Solutions for Account Managers Cisco SMB
650-196 SMB Specialization for Engineers Cisco SMB
650-256 SBF for Account Managers Cisco SMB
650-395 Small Business for Engineers Cisco SMB