hurt, hey Rare master seems to move a heart, the result is wrong object. Zhuang Hao lan and Bai Ze, even the breakfast did not eat, hastily and Yip s call to sa. y hello to leave. Ling Xuan and Xie Hong came out from the Lingtou Village, the eyelids will always jump non stop. In fact, she had not thought well, if the future also met Zhuang Hao, how to face. She is moving should not move the heart, on the bed should not be, now has been in a dilemma. In fact, she did not want to know, Zhuang Hao will be how Oracle Specialist it exam to her. Is nothing more than two kinds of results, one with money to her compensation, the second is to accept her as concubine. Of course, the first one she does not like. , after all, she is not out to sell, and that night or her first proposed. As for the second, she still did not mind to think that Zhuang Hao will take her wife. In fact, if she can meet her concubine, it is Oracle Specialist in his very sense of responsibility of the case. Otherwise dignified a world son, to sleep a woman how That is the honor of the woman s family. Of course, that concubine is still good, perhaps even concubine are not really, back to be brought back, when a girl through the room, it Oracle Certification is even worse. Now she did not. want anything, just want to wait for the child to be born, give it a good living conditions. As for th

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
1Z0-400 Oracle Communications Session Border Controller Implementation Essentials Oracle Oracle Specialist
1Z0-414 Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3 Implementation Essentials Oracle Oracle Specialist
1Z0-429 Oracle FS1 Series Systems Implementation Essentials Oracle Oracle Specialist
1Z0-430 Oracle WebCenter Portal Essentials Oracle Oracle Specialist
1Z0-432 Oracle Real Application Clusters 12c Essentials Oracle Oracle Specialist