m, did not have the same place. The nurse was relieved If there is something you can press the call button, we ll send someone right now, she said again. Well, thank you. Hear the door of the answer, the nurse nodded, a little rest assured that th. e left. In the quiet room, the sun was covered with bright glass, Optical it exam and the white vase in the corner of the window was filled with red roses. Just after a fight the house and no change, the furnishings are still waiting for it to be the place, as if nothing happened here in general. A Optical beautiful woman with one hand clasped his boy s hands on his chest and the other arm in his neck. Her face no expression, dark eyes quietly looking at the front of the people, his mouth was answered outside the door of the words of nurses. Rolan. d was warm and forced to hit the door can not move, his hands seem to be her one hand loose holding, but how also how can not earn. His expression Leng Leng looked at the beautiful face in close proximity, a pair of indifferent eyes to see him trembling, attracted him to get drilled to let her Cisco Certification eyes have his shadow. Suddenly, the sound of the nurses sounded, the Roland a clever from the strange fantasy back to God, followed by, he was warm breath when the breath attracted attention. Warm breath gently sprayed in the face, it. chy, with bloody gas cold incense. Roland s eye wa

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
642-311 Cisco Optical SONET Exam (SONET) Cisco Optical
642-321 Cisco Optical SDH Exam (SDH) Cisco Optical