extravagant middle aged man, men followed by two extraordinary care of the guard. Chapter 50 Wang Ye, to return home Asked a guard whispered. Jin Pao middle aged man Zhao Zhaozhao hand in the hands of the pull, looked up and looked deep behind the house, a touc. h of two guard said to the South Valley Lane on the 16th Yes Not long, a low key simple carriage left the house. South Valley Lane is a very quiet and elegant alley, a lot of literati gathered in the land, the alley is the most elegant variety of poetry and art galleries and teahouses. One into the alley, bustling bustle immediately after the ear. South Valley MOS it exam Lane on the 16th, is the king of the industry, he often come here in his spare time, this habit has been maintained for nearly two decades. And the princess of the fake crown in the temple, like the Buddha, but the purpose of the two very different. One is to be quiet, one is to wash away their own sins. Two guards guarding. the prince into the house on the 16th, the house is a two into the yard, finishing Microsoft Certification very elegant, inside the furnishings and layout faint reveals a bit of the character of the literati. A monk wearing a robe is sitting in the yard alone to play chess, the other side of the board empty. But the monk s expression is particularly peaceful and peaceful. But when you come to see people, twist the beads together. Princes, you come MOS Prince rose slightly nodded, si

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