ile. See Jiang Yun not move, Xu Sheng deflated deflated boring. Then, she pointed to the corner of the shovel The husband to take it over, we together with snowman. Jiang Yun Xu Sheng look at the mouth of the grin, only did not see, leisurely walk to the gallery. He d like to see what she wants to make a bad ide.a Obviously do run errands live, but was made by Jiang Yun momentum. I saw the vast expanse of snow, he dressed in black, is leisurely wantonly walked, mouth with Chongni smile. Xu Sheng Min Min lips, grabbed a snow from the ground, trotted with the up. Husband, you are not cold She shouted, one side to the back of Jiang Yun flapping. Jiang Yun also thought she was to own back her, so Zheng Leng IBM Cross STG a bit, then from good to catch Xu Sheng, hold her rounded upturned buttocks, her back on the back. IBM Certification Tear The next second, he felt a biting cold from the neck came. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Silly Xu Sheng laughed not happy, not bad will be IBM Cross STG it exam stupid words out of the stupid. But she laughed happy, Jiang Yun hold back t.he cold, let the snow in his neck to open, into the clothes. Dare to call me stupid, it seems I have to cure you. He took a claw shot Xu Sheng ass, issued a crisp applause. Xu Sheng was playing a little ignorant, and so on after the reaction, in the Jiang Yun shoulder awkward grasping, angrily said let me down, I want to fight you three hundred rounds Jiang Yun and hit two times, leisurely Road No hurry, can come back at night. Xu Sheng see this, strugg

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
C4070-SS1 IBM Systems Software Sales Mastery V1 IBM IBM Cross STG
C4110-SS2 IBM Systems Software Technical Sales Mastery V1 IBM IBM Cross STG