, I have modified and applied for a review, the little angels do not worry, and so on like I guess most of the little angels should read it, Haha , Chapter 82 Marshal, beauty 4 Xue Shaoyan a uniform, big step into the Marshal House, followed by an adjutant in the discussion of what the two. Small maidservants seeing this, pour the cup of tea handed Xue Xiaoyan in front. Xue Shaoyan sharp eyes fell on the small maidservants who paused to reach out to pick up the tea next to the table. Miss Xia in the summer where the house Xue Shao Yan fingers moved, to see an adjutant that he can go on. After the adjutant sent off, the small ma. idservants bowed his head and stood on IBM Certified Business Process Analyst it exam the side, opening back, Marshal, today Miss Song Ling came to the government. Song Ling Since the last meeting, Song Ling recent time it is often to the government, but not to find him, but to find that woman. Charm is not small, since the Song Ling gave to get. Xue Shao Yan some laugh, which in the end is the boast of her Or the IBM Certified Business Process Analyst good lessons of her meal But Song Ling this IBM Certification time from time to time to find the behavior of early summer so that he is very uncomfortable, she is brought back to his house, naturally belongs to her a person, how can he leave him, and others talk so much effort Even the woman also let Xue Shaoyun unhapp

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