he pride, sneer, looked up and looked handsome face cousin, vegetarian do not EBS it exam eat, I am afraid to eat will spit. it is good Rongmou looked back coldly glanced at the pride of the prince, the heart emerge out of an incredible idea, always feel that the ultimate goal of. the pride of the princess is him, the eyes of the killing intended to fleeting, and then turned with a small fiancee left Xiangguo Temple. Xiangguo Temple happened quickly passed out, did not take long to pass the city of wind and rain, Cheng Ruyi and Rong Mo again in the cusp. Was so wishful of such a stir, Rong Mo is a day of chaos Lone Star said, some people believe that some people do not believe, different opinions, really bustling. Huiyuan master EBS s reputation is also covered with a trace of stains, the princess princess did not fall well, the accident is rumors to the evening but changed the taste, turned into a princess and Princess Hui Yuan Yuan has an affair A l. arge pool of sewage so Oracle Certification splashed to the master of the Huiyuan and the pri

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
1Z0-519 Oracle EBS R12.1 Inventory Essentials Oracle EBS
1Z1-519 Oracle EBS R12.1 Inventory Essentials Oracle EBS