ly have more and more sunny, his songs, more always miss, always walking The Which has hometown as touched and return, but also blue lotus as pure and chilly, in short, all his songs, all inclusive. This is the first you have is one of. the DB2 it exam most popular songs Xu Wei, in fact, there are not to mention how good the lyrics, but everything is just right, is so appropriated Apply some words, this is a song of the youth of the song and no regret declaration, people know more clearly where Xu Wei from The courage and confidence expressed in the song is a natural force, in this song there, the old promise of the arranger and return to the early band rock mode, but more than a calm tolerance, that wash the lead The speed of the musicians in the relaxation of the interpretation of as if you I am in th. e years of the string of reverberation And some of the lyrics inside, always so touching, even if people do not understand DB2 the story behind the song, do not understand the melody of the lyrics to create can also be easy to fall in love with it. Hear Li Ku to sing, Li Kuang analysis of other people, and soon, guitar was sent from the back to the hands of Li Kuang. The guitar IBM Certification Li Kou had not used before, can only be directly debugging now. Today, this venue is rented for four hours, and now there is time, so more than a Li Ku they certainly can not

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
000-355 Iseries system administration v5r2 IBM DB2
000-442 IBM content manager version 8 IBM DB2
000-513 DB2 Administration for Windows, Linux and OS2..... IBM DB2
000-516 DB/2 Administration for OS/390 IBM DB2
000-544 DB2 9.7 Advanced DBA for LUW IBM DB2
000-546 DB2 9.7 Database Administrator for Linux UNIX or Windows Upgrade IBM DB2
000-612 IBM Certified Database Administrator - DB2 10 for z/OS IBM DB2
000-700 IBM DB2 udb v8.1 family fundametals IBM DB2
000-701 IBM DB2 udb v8.1 database admin for linux unix and windows IBM DB2
000-702 DB2 udb v8.1 for z/os database Administration IBM DB2
000-704 DB2 udb v8.1 advanced db admin for linux,unix+windwos IBM DB2
000-706 DB2 v8.1 for linux,unix and windows db admin upgrade IBM DB2
000-730 DB2 9 Family Fundamentals IBM DB2
000-731 DB2 9 DBA for Linux,UNIX and Windows IBM DB2
000-732 DB2 9 for z/OS Database Administrator IBM DB2
000-737 DB2 9 System Administrator for z/OS Exam IBM DB2
000-M84 IBM DB2 pureScale Technical Mastery v1 IBM DB2
000-M89 IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Technical Mastery Test V1 IBM DB2