post.Jiang Yun let her lose face that time back. Is it you Sun Yu soft suddenly think of what like, frowned looked at her some. I did not even recognize you, she whispered. In front of the woman wearing a plain cotton, makeup simple, combing the woman s hair, the head did not wear any jewelry, but with a hairpin hair will roll up, and that in Sun Fu see the Chinese clothing woman , There is a world of difference. She was the brother to see the woman to see this look at the stay, the hearts of unhappy and some contempt, they looked at her glances, just remember her whole body fine fine, looks great, is her most favored Sun s three girls how Not on, so my heart will subconsciously disgusted, Cisco Specialist it exam did not thin.k she turned out to be the son of Ginger Just the door, she really is not in front of the shabby woman, and that whole body so that some people ashamed of the woman together. Sun Yu soft blurted out Cisco Specialist This is 20 s, how do you become this ghost look In fact, even vegetarian clothing, but also conceal Xu Sheng style, but rather have a different charm. Can be Sun Yu Rouo is a woman, like Jin Yihua clothes, her subconsciously ignore the face of Xu Sheng, only to see her suits, only shabby feel tight. Xu Sheng Zhengzhu, along her eyes looked at his clothes, and instantly come to understand that she was talking about her dress makeup. So she felt that she was Cisco Certification wearing clothes made of cotton, too shabby. She.suddenly see th

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