I remember you when you are not called early summer You are very cute childhood, white net, old love with your brother behind, every time I go out with your brother to play, you will follow us together. Did not see Annan, how was he Zhuo Yu Yang face emerge a touch of memories look like. An Jing heard Zhuo Liyang, then this came to understand that he had her as a summer early summer, but she is not early summer. Until now An Jing know that the original early Cisco Certification summer snatched her so many things, early childhood childhood belongs to her, then this man should know her only, there Luanan this brother, but also her An Jing, land What happened in the early summer, a thief who stole s. omeone else s life Here, think of early summer will be taken away, and my heart is very uncomfortable, muffled. So Lu Anan sit in the company, and less than five to drive to the house to drive back, open the door into the house and found a dark room, the living room are not the slightest light, Lu Annan wanted to turn on the lights, then But heard the sound of early summer brother, do not turn on Cisco Express Foundation Field Specialist the lights. , Chapter 161 brother adults, good morning 5 Wish you a Cisco Express Foundation Field Specialist it exam happy birthday, I wish you a happy birthday, my brother happy birthday, always healthy and happy Dark house, early summer carrying a fine cake from the kitchen carefully walked out of the cake with colored candles, candles on the bright light cast in the early summer goes on pretty little face, her pair of Reiki The eyes with a smile t

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