g, simply impossible because of his few books, whether it is the score or influence, o. r sales, are completely rolling on the existence of any other entry novel, in this Kind of case, he is silent, that is really hypocritical similar to these words after the export, before those who clamor Li Kuang too Mu Mu people, most have been speechless. At this moment, things seem to have come to an end, but this confrontation is clearly Li Kuo occupy the upper hand, and now, public opinion, all tend Cisco Certification to Li Kuang. Moreover, all of the three literary awards for the question, but also unprecedented strong. In fact, before the words, not too many people ignore, peopl. e feel, people are nothing to say that you are here, what you are here, and now Li Ku finally face this unfair, stood out, so I I feel that everything is justified, and now I can say, these several literary awards, the current is really as a Cisco Certification fool, everyone knows, Li Kuang several novels should be the most winning, but they just want to Against the dry, but why is to make some unacceptable results to can only say that these people are really too underestimated the wisdom of the broad masses of the people. This is done too much, and one day will pay the price, Li Ku th. is time I applaud him, I hope he can withstand the pressure. He is now the pressure is certainly not small, Cisco Certification it exam after all, but against such a prize, but he also said very right, fair and comfortable people, we are not a fool

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