ly signed a million as a signature version Unfortunately, this thing has also been a lot of people for Cisco Business Value Practitioner Specialist the joke, anyway, many of the publishing industry colleagues, all feel that Li million this want to sell all or very mysterious Chapter 45 of the hot sale In fact, I personally feel that now Hing Ea. st Press this million signature books may not be sold, and then sold a few thousand is also very embarrassing. The publishing industry, some people have already started molested. I think Buzhi Yu, but it is estimated that the sales of these two books should be more than ten thousand of the ha ha. In fact, more than ten thousand this year has been a lot of good, and get the data can be said to be best selling book Is echoing this view. This is, but Xingdong Publishing House to pay so much, Cisco Certification just pay the remuneration gave the five hundred thousand, but that white cash, so much. money, and finally sold ten thousand signature book, which is a bit ironic ah. Who made them so adventurous Someone immediately laughed. At this time, Li Kung himself is still quite calm, and his meager at the beginning of a publicity after some of the meaning of died down. As if Li Kung himself is not too concerned about this matter like. In fact, Cisco Business Value Practitioner Specialist it exam Li Kuang himself is really relatively calm, because he felt that this paper book or someone will buy, or even buy people will be particularly large. After all, thi

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