smile, the other did not do anything There is no way, Li Kuo this person is almost no way to go Wait until after the end, Hua Zheng and Ban Yinhai two about to find a place to look good And Li Kuo has received a lot of Li invited to say that they have several colleagues want to please Li Wan meal, which colleagues also included some CCTV mouth , in short, listen to him is also a grand scene. CCTV this place, a lot of things or in accordance with. the standards of organs and units to engage in, so eat and drink these things are generally not allowed, so this is a private party. Li Kuo pondering a bit, anyway, they have time, no need to offend people Moreover, since people say that a few people, it must also be worthy of the identity and Li Kuang to eat, and that meal is indeed eat Eat it anyway. Li Kuo and so on to eat with them, and that night to eat the guests and guests to enjoy. Especially at the end. Li has been and Li Kuo said I presided over the program has been so long, you really make me feel the most pleasa. nt one, whether it Cisco Certification is knowledge or the art of speaking, or you in the words to convey those things, are people It s CCNA Industrial it exam probably the source of your talent Although this one is touted, but Li Kuang still feel the words of Li finally a bit in good faith. It seems that he said this is not purely touted Li Kuang, or want to get CCNA Industrial any benefits, he should really feel very powerful Li Wang Daoshi also touted h

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200-601 Managing Industrial Networking for Manufacturing with Cisco Technologies Cisco CCNA Industrial