g Baili Ming and Ge old happy, and quickly let people prepare to go to the fishery. Jiang Yun riding in the horse, the hands of the reins of Le was tight, a pair of dark eyes turn the black waves. Chapter CCENT 58 Xu Sheng lying in bed, listening to the outside rhythm of the rain wake up, see no one CCENT it exam around, then insisted his arm sat up. Room silence empty tight, coupled with no charcoal fire, it is par.ticularly deserted. A autumn rain, late autumn weather, has long been shivering cold, Xu Sheng had to tighten the quilt, so cold do not run in. Xu is because of the rain s sake, out of the Cisco Certification activities of the people are not many, so the outside of the voice will become more and more obvious. She heard downstairs bamboo leaves swept by the autumn wind, heard Qin Yan line and its subordinates whisper. Quietly outside, a man said Houye, heavy rain for four or five s, and then go on, the Yellow River water, we are afraid of crossing the river I ll let you find the boatman, how are you looking for Another man said in a steady voice. The identity of the man Xu Sheng has been known that she had seen him in t.he Dragon Boat Festival dragon boat race, the of the captivity because the rain is too big, he again in the neck of his sword, so she never seen from beginning to end His face, and therefore did not recognize people to come, but later woke up in the carriage, the first time she found that the abduction of their own people is the first week of the first young talent Qin Yan li

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640-823 Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 Cisco CCENT