wo children have been awakened, and then is concerned about the outside of the situation. Green tea, what happened outside She asked. Back to the princess, Wang Fangfei see. Green tea push the door came, whispered to. Xu Sheng Wu hair loose in the shoulder, heard frowned No Axis Certification see that I was still sleeping. Green tea should be under, and then asked That went to the case of Meng Shou, but also do not go Princess. Go, why not. Xu Sheng sneer, and then Axis on t.he green Ming said and other bureaucratic door to go and said I was very concerned about the case of Gaotang people, so that the monk did not have to estimate the other, impartial treatment is. Got Xu Sheng s words, green tea will soon go to a trip to the bureaucracy, the matter told Meng Shouhou, Meng Tai Shou first shocked, then is pleased to ecstasy. Gaotang Su s bully village case, in fact, there is no doubt where the place, according to his usual temper, has long been that Su s family caught in the prison. But since the king of the government to Axis it exam intervene in this matter, he will be embarrassed. Is hesitant, but fortunately the princess came to the words. The girl went back to tell the princess, sa.id the next governor will be impartial, handle the princess. Green tea nodded. And was the guest after the king side of the Princess also face with a small a

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