on his face. She sip the dry lips, forced to calm down, set the mind said son so look at me, I am not clear so, naturally afraid. Oh Qin Yan.line chuckle. Timid as a mouse, you are afraid in addition to beauty, no other Android it exam things can be into the eye. Xu Sheng did not rise, did not pick up. Qin Yan line to see her Android respectful appearance, feel a bit tired, and my heart irritability You left Yu Zhen, my heart is not afraid Eat sleep, with a nothing like people, Yu Zhen married you so ruthless woman really worth it. Xu Sheng said I followed the son, and in the husband side is no different. Her voice hardly ever, Qin Yan line heart suddenly beat a few times. He blurted out and said, What do you mean His reaction some intense, tone is also some rapid, so Xu Sheng really surprised a moment, unknown so. But a few words down, although she is still nerv.ously tight, but in the end is the surface is not revealing, so Android Certification she puzzled raised his head, looked at the look of Qin Yan line. She suddenly understood what was she when she saw the faintness of his face. She laughed and laughed The son of what he meant, what is meant by. Plausible words, easier to misunderstand, Qin Yan line feel that their feelings suddenly stirred up, the body could not help but fever, he said You have eyes

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OA0-002 Android Application Engineer Certifications Basic Android Android Certification
AND-401 Android Application Development Android Android Certified Trainer