he always felt that things are not so simple, just now, she felt his feet seem to be caught by what hard to be Android Certified Trainer a devil This idea together, Cheng Qingyao pupil a shrink, even in the sun, still felt a burst of cold hit, the eyes flashed a touch of fear. Since the rebirth, her hands stained with a lot of human life, maybe there will be a devil to revenge, no, she had to go to the temple burning incense. Cheng Ruyi in the face of Cheng Qingyao humming a small song ch. ildren, the beauty of eating lychee, schadenfreude ridicule her do not know is not a bad thing to do more, to retribution. Oh, I almost forgot, someone s forehead knocked, if left scars, half a month after the appreciation of the poem will not know will not face to participate, haha Cheng Ruyi side cheerfully eat lychee, while no effort to attack the ridicule Cheng Qingyao. The hatred is full of. Looking at the octagonal pavilion in the gloating satire of her, but not called maidservants came to serve her idiot, slightly embarrassing Cheng Qingyao almost did not vomit blood, but for her gas effort, it will certainly be this idiot Mad. Of course, Android Certification but also because of th. e wishfulness of this pattern, Cheng Qingyao dispelled her suspicion. Jian an Hou government to the people soon, the lead is to build his wife around the most Android Certified Trainer it exam effective of several old mother. Peer there are two excellent temperament appearance of the man, one is the real p

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