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March 14, 2024
Why Offset Label Printing Alternatives Stack Up

Offset printing labels – is it worth the effort to set up and the overall cost? After all, the method you choose is less of a significant impact on quality thanks to the improvements in label print tech. The intended application and required turnaround times are the focus areas in 2024 & beyond. For decades, […]

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September 10, 2022
Mediapoint’s Print Process: One Job Is One Dispatch

In this article we detail our Mediapoint’s print process and how that facilitates expedited completion of print jobs for customers. We operate by a single rule when it comes to dispatching: One Job is One Dispatch. Whilst other trade printers may split orders or create kits to be dispatched to multiple locations, we’ve consciously chosen […]

September 3, 2022
Definition of a Trade Print Client

We delve into our definition of a trade print client and how it ensures a transparent relationship that benefits everyone. At Mediapoint we define a trade client as any entity reselling print; not the end consumer. So when we say, “we are a trade only printer” that means we don’t deal with retail customers. This […]

August 27, 2022
Why Are We Strict About Print Job Cut Off Times?

Read on (and watch) to learn why we have strict, print job cut off times for certain products. We break down how that enables service levels above and beyond the competition. Mediapoint averages 150+ orders a day. To deliver on these with next-day turnaround, we have established Lean processes that other trade printers can’t compete […]

August 20, 2022
How Much Does it Cost To Buy A Large Format Printer?

There are several factors that determine the true cost when you buy a large format printer. Jamie Xuereb discusses them in the video below and outlines the costs further in this article. Everyone Gets Distracted by Physical Equipment Cost We often see people get sucked in by the cost of a large format printer itself. […]

August 13, 2022
The Costs of Wide Format Printing Explained

In this article we break down wide format printing costs to give you a peak behind the scenes. You’ll be able to better understand exactly where gains can be made. Plus, you’ll have a better idea of the difference between trade printing and in-house production. Wide Format Printing Equipment Cost & Capacity First and foremost […]

August 6, 2022
4 Tips for Optimal Large Format Printing

Jamie shares several tips to minimise delays and achieve optimal output from your large format printing. 1) Always Use Vectors Where Possible When creating / supplying artwork, utilise vectors – these are your best friend! Vectors are images created from shapes based on mathematical formulas. This keeps them sharp no matter how large the artwork […]

July 30, 2022
Large Format Printing: A Best Practice Guide

In this article we discuss the best practices for optimal large format printing in this video and accompanying article. Many of our customers have prior experience with differing forms of printing – offset, small format, merchandising, and screen printing. Large format printing, however, has its own nuances. So getting across these best practices can help […]

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