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Why We Can’t Change An Order Once It Hits Production

In this article we’re taking a further look at the inner-workings of our automated printing system. Jamie explains why we can’t (and don’t) change a job once it hits production.

We’ve previously touched on our automated processes. They bring benefits to efficiency as well as pricing. Today, Jamie delves into why we can’t adjust orders once they hit production. Watch and read on to learn more about our automated print system.

Our Automated Printing System is too Good

Our automated printing systems are extremely efficient – just like the rest of our processes. An order can hit production within 10 minutes of being confirmed. Artwork pre-processing, stock selection and printer setup is all automatic. So there is little opportunity for any manual adjustments to the print run. 

Our system and processes are established to deliver on the requirements of high volume resellers. We do not offer bespoke services or undertake any manual processing as this would reduce efficiency, minimise our ability to deliver on customer demands and increase costs.

Changing Orders Changes The Quote

Mediapoint’s ability to deliver quick trade printing quotes is underpinned by scaled volume and inventory calculations. When a job is submitted for quoting on our self serve print portal these calculations are completed and price locked in. 

Once the the quote is accepted our automated print system sets printing in motion. If there were adjustments to an order (quantity, product type etc.) quoted prices, batching lots, and dispatch estimates would be incorrect.

Changes to Jobs Impact The Key Benefits of Trade Printing

Our focus is on delivering high volume printing with a quick turnaround as a trade printing partner. That’s why the onus is on clients to deliver finished artwork and confirm their requirements. The tradeoff for this lack bespoke customer service is quick turnaround and low prices.  Any changes to orders would impact the key benefits for which Mediapoint is known.

We find that print resellers are more than happy to take the extra time to review and confirm orders. This hasn’t changed in over 16 years of business. Our customers can continue to pass on the best prices and lead-times to their own clients thanks to our automated print system and adjacent processes.

Sign up for a PrintIQ account to view our product pricing and get ordering today if you’re looking for a trade printing partner.

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