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March 14, 2024
Why Offset Label Printing Alternatives Stack Up

Offset printing labels – is it worth the effort to set up and the overall cost? After all, the method you choose is less of a significant impact on quality thanks to the improvements in label print tech. The intended application and required turnaround times are the focus areas in 2024 & beyond. For decades, […]

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December 4, 2022
An Australian Printer Success Story For Durst

As a leading Australian printer we have established strong relationships with our equipment suppliers. See how we work in tandem with Durst – one of the global names in print. You’ll often hear us say Mediapoint is the best-equipped trade printer. We stand behind that statement and pride ourselves on always looking for the right […]

November 11, 2022
The Mediapoint Trade Printing Story

The Mediapoint trade printing story is one of ambition, learning, and dedication. Read on to learn where we’ve come from and where we’re going. Mediapoint has been servicing trade printing for almost two decades. Throughout that time we’ve consistently developed our capabilities and focused on providing value wherever possible. Our wealth of experience, lean processes […]

October 15, 2022
Trade Printers Can’t Guarantee Shipping Times

Our trade printing process is fast – we can guarantee that. What we can’t guarantee, however, are shipping times. This comes down to a few factors but it boils down to the fact that we don’t control the courier process. Everything up to the point of dispatch has been designed by us for efficiency. Automation, […]

October 8, 2022
The Value of Automated Trade Printing Quotes

Today we’re delving into what our automated trade printing quotes mean for customers and why we’ve invested in such a system. Automation underpins the effectiveness (and efficiency) of our printing processes. It enables Mediapoint to deliver on turnaround guarantees for over 150 orders a day. This ability for a trade printer to deliver is critical. […]

October 1, 2022
Why Do We Need Shipping Information Upfront?

Learn more about the Mediapoint ordering process and why we require all shipping information / labels for print orders upfront. Simply put: our print process is too fast to wait around for shipping information. We need all info and necessary labels at the start of an order because once it’s confirmed every step of production […]

September 24, 2022
Using IQ: Getting Quotes & Making Orders

Our self-serve trade print portal is PrintIQ. It makes ordering print jobs with Mediapoint quick and easy. Amongst the features within the self-serve print portal you’re able to access live pricing 24/7, get quotes, view your previous / current orders, and submit artwork. Jamie (Mediapoint Founder) has put together a useful video walkthrough to showcase […]

September 17, 2022
Why We Can’t Change An Order Once It Hits Production

In this article we’re taking a further look at the inner-workings of our automated printing system. Jamie explains why we can’t (and don’t) change a job once it hits production. We’ve previously touched on our automated processes. They bring benefits to efficiency as well as pricing. Today, Jamie delves into why we can’t adjust orders […]

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