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The Mediapoint Trade Printing Story

The Mediapoint trade printing story is one of ambition, learning, and dedication. Read on to learn where we’ve come from and where we’re going.

Mediapoint has been servicing trade printing for almost two decades. Throughout that time we’ve consistently developed our capabilities and focused on providing value wherever possible. Our wealth of experience, lean processes and wide range of equipment make us the perfect partner for enterprise resellers.

The Mediapoint Trade Printing Story Starts In A Lounge Room

Our first print run was in the family lounge room in 2006. We started with just $1000 and one offering – signage. Through contacts of the family business (a commercial cleaning company) we identified that local businesses needed quality signage. It was a truly bootstrap operation that took over the household. We learned a lot about printing very quickly – particularly that having the right equipment was key.

Our first plotter broke down within a year of use which led us to source new machinery. That’s when we found a large format printer that could print AND cut. This didn’t come cheap but it did open up new avenues and ways of doing things. The very process of sourcing new equipment – learning about model features, print modes, ink requirements etc. – as well as operating a growing business within a small family home, set up the foundations for the way we work today.

Diving into Large Format Printing

Along with the purchase of our first wide format printer (and some other machinery) we took a leap of faith and rented our first commercial space in 2007. At the time the space we had rented was massive for what we needed but it represented opportunity and room to grow.

For the next several years we continued to build out our product range, equipment inventory and capabilities. We can’t say it was a dream run but we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt, learn and build upon the issues that come our way.

By 2011 it became clear that there was a particular type of client that was ordering us regularly, that we could service efficiently, and that was fast becoming our main market.

Becoming an Exclusive Trade Only Printer

As it turned out, by 2011 a majority of our clients were trade customers – high volume print resellers / brokers looking for consistent quality at speed. Thanks to the addition of even more equipment, in combination with refined processes, we started to gain a reputation for being one of the most reliable trade printers.

Trade clients themselves were reliable, loyal and suited our lean approach to service – so we made the decision to focus on them exclusively. This turned out to be a smart move and we’ve seen nothing but benefits for ourselves and our clients since.

Our mantra is ‘helping businesses win’ and by aiming to be the best at print we relieve a burden on our trade customers. We allow them to be the best at what they do – reselling print. We enable our customers to offer more products, focus on fostering customer relationships, and grow their sales.

In 2017 we bought a new 2200sqm HQ in Derrimut, Victoria – where we are located today. This was a major step towards helping even more businesses around Australia access trade printing services.

The Mediapoint Trade Printing Story Continues

We’re proud to be one of the largest dedicated, large format printing facilities. With over 150 orders a day, and a wide range of equipment we need every inch of the space!

We’re still just as focused on matching the best in printing and finishing equipment with efficient lean processes as we were in 2007. So we don’t just rest on our laurels – the Mediapoint team is always looking to provide more products, more efficient services and more savings to our clients.

Our definition of quality, and even our definition of a trade print client, is different from many of our competitors. But after 16+ years in business, and with a loyal base of high volume resellers, it’s clear that the our way of doing things will continue to serve all stakeholders well. The Mediapoint trade printing story is far from over!

Want to work with us? Join our growing community of print resellers and access trade only pricing by signing up for a PrintIQ account.

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