Invest In The West

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Invest in the West

Daryl Wilson:                      Hello! My name is Daryl Wilson and I take great pride in promoting Melbourne’s West. I know that Melbourne’s West has a well-connected business community, a diverse and skilled workforce and significant locational advantages. This is our story.

John K Berry:                     We’re part of JBS Australia who is part of …

Creating Design Briefs For A Printing Company

Click on the video above to view a quick video with a few tips on creating a design brief for a print company such as Mediapoint.

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If you have artwork ready to go, there’s one little tip we can give you in creating a design brief for a print company.

A lot of people don’t have

VIDEO: 9th Secret To Help You Save On Print

If you have signed up for our ’8 Secrets for Saving Money on Print When Using A Print Company’, then this video is for you. It is a 9th secret which I have put in a quick and easy video.

If you have any questions then please email us on

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VIDEO: Introducing Jason and Jamie


Check out the above video with Mediapoint founders Jason and Jamie. This is the first time they have been on video together and just wanted to reach out an introduce themselves to everyone.

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Jason:                   Hi! I am Jason.

Jamie:                    And I am Jamie.

Jason:                   And we’re Mediapoint, Australia’s most reliable printing team. So Jamie, tell them a little bit about yourself.


Custom Stencil Cutting


We have recently tested a new 1mm plastic stock in our cutting table and it cuts really well. It has a textured face, is very durable and can be rolled for easier transport. Also as it is a dark stock paint is not as visible on this as much as lighter colours.

Stencils are great if you are planning to spray your logo or message onto something and want it …

Katter Australian Party Election Corflute Signs

election corflute signs

 The Katter Australian Party came to us for the recent election for some election corflute signs. The size of these signs are commonly 600mm x 900mm which you would see across most voting booths.

With these corflute signs we typically run them at a faster print mode as they are only meant to last a few weeks and will be viewed from a few meters back.

KAP chose Mediapoint as …

Polymaster Point Of Sale Standee’s

Polymaster Standee's


Polymaster recently came to us looking for a solution for their stores. They were looking for a promotional tool to be given to stores across Australia who are new stockists of Polymaster Industrial Products. They were looking for a light weight, cost effective and great sales tool.

Standee’s are a great point of sales tool. If you are operating a store with foot traffic then we see this as …

TADS Vehicle Stickers


If you have a fleet of vehicles out on the road then there is great potential for added views for your business. Vehicle Stickers are an effective and inexpensive way to turn your asset on the move into an advertising tool.


If your vehicle is out on the road think about how many potential people …

Zouki Pull Up Banner


Pull Up Banners are great promotional tools as they are portable, large and inexpensive. We recently printed these for Zouki Cafe’s which are in hospitals across Victoria.

Pull Up Banners are portable as they come in a carry bag. The carry bag is approximately 15 x 15 x 85cm so they fit into any car pretty well. The weight of these are also 4kg. The prints wind into the …

Shapers Stickers Australia

stickers australia


If you are after digitally printed stickers australia, we are specialists for this market due to a few main reasons. Recently we did a custom job for Shapers Australia which showcases this. Shapers Australia is a leading supplier of surfboard fins, shaping and supplies.

Regularly they have a need for custom stickers to identify and label their goods for sale. They look for custom sizing as well as having …