Couriers Please For Print Deliveries

August 6, 2019

We are all about giving you more margin. We have listened to customer feedback and our printing prices are always ultra-sharp. However, a lot of customers have mentioned they were looking for a more cost-effective delivery method than a same day courier, but something faster than a road service.

What is the Solution?

We have instigated couriers please as a delivery method and this covers orders which are:

The flat fee is $20+GST in the system and covers packaging and dispatch. You can still blindship to your customers to a residential or business address in the Zone.

Why Have We Introduced Couriers Please For Print Now?

A few months ago we changed our production schedule. As a bulk of our products which are ordered at 12 noon are ready the next business day at 1pm, however we instigated and evening shift. From 4-8pm our team our finishing team are working on cutting and packaging orders.

A side effect is that we are finding a large number of orders are being ready prior to 10am even though our guarantee is 1pm.

Couriers Please Schedule?

Couriers Please is an AM-PM/PM-AM service. So:

  • If we get an order picked up in the morning it should be delivered in the afternoon
  • If an order gets picked up in the afternoon it should be delivered the next business day in the AM

However, there are no guarantees that an order will make a morning run as we promise a 1pm pickup. Also, there may be issues on Couriers Please end which are out of our control.

Please note that Couriers Please is not a guaranteed service so if you are needing a tight guaranteed turnaround time, do not use this freight method.

What To Do If You Need A Guaranteed Delivery?

If you need a guaranteed delivery for a specific project speak to us to let us know your timeframe. Also always select a Same Day Courier. The freight is more but your job will be delivered much more quickly and reliably.