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How To Grow Your Print Revenue And Retain Customers

As a company offering your customers large format printing products, it can often be a challenge to grow your print revenue. You might have issues with staff, space, equipment and time. But what is your biggest asset?

Why Leveraging Your Customer Base Is So Important

Here are some hard-hitting facts about your biggest asset which is your existing customer base:

  • An existing customer costs 5 times less than it does than to acquire a new customer
  • The easiest way to increase your profit by 25% – 95% is to increase customer retention by just 5%
  • You only have a 5-20% chance of selling a product to a new customer as compared to 60-70% with an existing customer


So How Can You Grow Your Print Revenue?

Well, the answer is simple. You need to offer your customers more products. This will stop them from looking elsewhere. You need to build on the goodwill you have created with your brand.

Customers deal with who they trust. Customers will move on for a variety of reasons being:

  • Being let down
  • Can’t service their needs
  • Price
  • Turnaround times

From the above points, 2 of them are within your control.

How Can Mediapoint Help You To Retain & Sell More To Existing Customers?

As Mediapoint specialises in being a Large Format and Flatbed Printer, we can help you by expanding your product range. Some of the core products we offer are coreflute, banners, mesh, foamed PVC, screenboard, pull up banners and many other products.

We also have a nationwide shipping network. So, if you have customers that require kitting and distribution to a number of locations, we can help you there.

With our lightning-quick turnaround times and room for margin, we can stop your customers looking elsewhere and help grow your print revenue. That is by expanding your product base.

So What Next?

Make sure that you are signed up to access for our system HERE.

We will validate you as a trade customer and book in for a chat. We offer access to all our product pricing. So you can login 24/7 and get pricing any time. If you have larger volumes, we can also tailor a solution for you. Grow your print revenue with Mediapoint.

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