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IQ VideoPlease watch video for an explanation on how to use our system to quote and put jobs in production

Hey guys, Jamie from Mediapoint here. Just going to chat to you guys now about our IQ system cause it's something a lot of customers have been requesting access to check quotes, make their own quotes, put jobs in our system, and also check on jobs, so you can use all of them or you can use a part that's going to relate to your business and once you get comfortable you can use them all.


So if you go to the Mediapoint website, we've got a nice login button here, so you can all just go to our page and just login from here. I'm going to just use a test customer for this video, so you should have a login, which if you don't have one and you want one, just email to get that, but you should have that, I keep them on file. If you have a business with multiple people, it might be good idea getting different users for each person for that one customer, just to make it cleaner.


So when you get to the login screen, you've got three options up here, you can view quotes, see existing quotes, you can also quote yourself on the quoting screen, and you've also got view jobs to see what jobs are in the system. So we're going to look at "view quotes" for now. We can see all the quotes we've made, we may have got a Fit Bit in here that is our test customer, but if you look on the right there is a quote status which is - except I'll make this a little larger for the video - so in regards to this accepted jobs means it’s gone into production, process means it's been quoted but not accepted. What I'm going to do now is actually do an actual quote, don't worry about request for quote, if you have any quote requests, please email, for your specifications, our system doesn't have everything that we do, or every option, so if you get anything off the coffer and you don't see it clearly just email us. This will cover about 80%, 80-90% of what you'd need.


If you look on our quoting and simplified, we've got four product categories, we've tried to break it down as simply as possible based on what you'd want, large format would have you roll through stuff such as banners and posters, display and point of sale has stuff like you pull up banners, counter cards, standees, wobbers. You've also got your boards flatbed printed, so what we've tried to do is we've sort of call flip rip out the Corflute you'd order regularly, just to make it easier, but you've got Corflute that you've got on either single or double sided boards, and you've got speakers you've got to arrange. We don't have all our products in here, as I've mentioned, there's probably about 40% but these are the cables that you guys would order, mainly. When we get products dialled down, we will make them available to you.


I'm going to start with the Corflute product, I'm going to click on Corflute, I'll get taken to this screen. All right, what I'm going to start with, I'm going to start with the stocks, I have a choice between three and five mil Corflute, I'll go five mil. I've also got between single and double sided, our print specs say that so it makes that pretty clear. I've got the options of a few sizes here, but I've also got custom size, which I'm going to do here. I'm going to do, say, 600 x 400 here. Additional finishing, I've also got the option if I want - for this, I don't want any finishing just to make the video easier - but you've got the options of eyelets and double tape and that sort of stuff.


I'm going to hit none and hit search for this. Now the rest of the screen comes up, what I can do now is hit quantity, hit set quantity, but I can pick a custom quantity, the beauty of our system is it doesn't work in like batches, it works like if you had six, seven, eight, nine all have a different price. What you'll notice though is the price will not jump up significantly between certain units, the reason for that is our pricing work on how many sheets it's using with a little bit of extra for ink and cutting, depending on how many units. So you might find there isn't a massive jump between quantity, but then when you get to one extra it'll be a fair bit more cause you're paying for an extra board, so keep that in mind, cause there can be slight anomalies because of that, that's how our system works and it's pretty dead accurate because of it.


So I'm going to put the quantity in now, I'm going to do I'm going to do, say, eight of them. Get price. If I want to add more I can do, say, I'll add 15, you know. 20 in there. The prices come up, for each option excluding freight and packaging. I've got a few addresses already in here, if I want to add one I can do that really easily. The key thing when you're doing a quote, you don't really, if you don't know the address, the post code is the most important thing, so I've got like TBA for this address in all fields, but I have an accurate post code, so I'm going to use that one. Delivery contact, if you don't know the name that's not a big deal, but you want to have the right email address, even if it's yours.


So if you go to add a contact, make sure you have your first name, surname, and email. Email have the one you're going to use, because depending on the shipping method you might get tracking, and in the future our system might email you tracking as well, so that's good to have.


I've got one for Malvern address, so I have a full range for the shipping options. Careers please it's like a morning to afternoon or an afternoon to morning carrier service, once it gets dispatched. Package pickups are for clients that want to pick something up on the carrier and they want it protected, carrier might bash it around, so pick this option if it's for that. Express post is for a few items under 5 kilos and under go with this. If it's above that, it gets really expensive so I would avoid that in that instance. Direct freight will come up mainly for the interstate guys, or anything that is particularly heavy and large as well. Pickup has no charge and we'll just bubble-wrap or use plastic so it isn't packed like our normal packing items, so keep that in mind. See Note is off the cuff stuff, so will very rarely get used, we've only got it in there just in case, some customers have, you know, weird things in there.


The last thing is MTX Careers. If you're in Melbourne and you've got a rush order and needs to get there by a certain time, pick this option. The reason being is this is a three to four hour service and once it gets dispatched it will get there, and if we've got a due date on that, it'll get there on that day. This and pickup are the only ones that we'll look at the due date, you'll have a chance of getting them - if it's Careers Please on our due date, or a direct freight of express post that's the day we dispatch, not the day you're going to receive them so keep that in mind.


First I'm going to hit MTX and it's going to give us a shipping price across all of them. If you want to you can suss out all the different methods on here. So what you can see on like Express Post for example, on this one on different quantities, so this one is $16 but as it gets heavier it gets most expensive based on the weight. So it could end up being a discount for a direct career, which is what I would do.


The last thing to keep in mind is don't put any notes under the special instructions with delivery method, they only get seen by our dispatch guys. It doesn't get seen by production and only dispatch don't use that. I would be using the special instructions, so I'd be saying something thought I had an address and it comes in later and I want to add it in later I could write the address here.


Then to send my quote, I can click on your quote here and you'll get saved out of PDF, which has these details and is saved for your reference. If I want to see this quote 2069, I go to View Quotes and it is up here, so it’s in process, been accepted, I've got my address here everything I put in the special notes, so that's where it comes up. I click back in the job, if I got multiple parts I click on the plus to add it in here as well, so if I've got let’s say five or six items, even if they are different products, add them into the quote. It's easier doing this than having a whole heap of different quotes and jobs.


I'm going to click on proceed to go ahead with the order, if I've got a purchase order number or anything I want to put as a reference you can put it in here. I'm going to hit proceed now, the one thing it's going to ask me, which quantity do I want to proceed with. I'd select, say, 15. In accepting this here, I'm going to take that as well, going to hit accept. While it's doing that, I'm going to check on my file. So what I'm going to do is find my PDF file, which you got I should probably save a whole heap of this stuff in my downloads folder. I need to find a PDF file so I'm going to get this PDF here, and I'm going to rename it based on the products, it's called Corflute 600 mm x 400 mm, quantity 15. I try to be as specific as possible in my note.


So now I'm on this artwork screen, to submit artwork. We've got a few steps, I got a few guidelines, and before you upload anything just have a quick read of it and make sure you follow those guidelines. So we ask for PDF files only, and have your file names really clear and as much notes as possible in there, which I've just done. While it's doing that, I'm going to actually get ready my PDF. Going to select it, and I've named it Corflute 600 mil x 400 mil quantity 15, pretty straightforward, so there's no misinterpretations or anything there.


If I've got any custom shapes for boards, we ask you to go to this page and watch the video. This video will start playing, it will show you how to setup your artwork. You've also got a general artwork guidelines and anything specific products on here, so have a read of it or else your artwork might get rejected. The last thing is once our artwork is uploaded, if there is anything to add about notes, like for example, any custom cards or patterns or positioning of anything finishing like eyelets or anything, or any off the cuff comments, please add them here.


If you click on notes, you might say something about colour or you might say something eyelets one in each corner, etc. You know, stuff like that. What will happen is our customer service people when they check in your order will read your notes, make sure they understand it, and add anything in there that's missing. If you haven't processed it properly they'll come back to you as well and confirm if you haven't [inaudible 00:10:01] the other option, or anything's not 100% they'll let you know that as well.


I'm happy with this now so what I'm going to do is hit confirm. When I hit confirm, this customer is on account so it will go straightaway into production. If you're a pre-paid customer it will go to a credit card payment screen. We only give accounts to customers that are spending over $1,000 a month, keep this in mind that we've got an easy debit order payment system for customers on account. So this is how we do our accounts, so come to us when you've hit that level.


I'm going to hit confirm now, get the job into production, now you're taken to this screen. I'm going to click on view jobs so it shows you, say, you log back in the system and you can see where everything is at, so got all the past jobs in here. With this you can actually see a PDF of the artwork, due date will come up when it hits production, and the person has checked it, our custom services has accepted it and they'll put a due date of when it's due to get dispatched. This is not when the customer or you will receive the order, it's when it will get dispatched, so please keep this in mind. If it's MTX or it's pickup, it will be receivable on that date, the other ones probably won't get there on that day, so please be wary of that.


The progress is really cool, so you can log in and see where your order is at day by day or whenever you want to check it. Accepted means it's in the system but it hasn't yet been checked. Artwork validated means it's hit the next step artwork is being checked, notes are being checked, everything is all good and it's gone to pre-press. In production is once it's been pre-pressed it will be in production, so it's already getting printed or cut at that step. Production complete is when your order is being quality controlled and packed, and it's ready to dispatch, and dispatch means that your order has gone out or picked up, and a tracking will show up.


So if you click on, especially once your job has gone out, so let me just go out and find one. You can see this job is dispatched, these ones don't have any tracking numbers cause these jobs have been cancelled, they were just test jobs. But if you click on "more details," when a job goes out - so we'll get in page - when a job goes out you'll get the tracking dispatch status, and you'll get the consignment note and how it went out over here so you can see what's going on.


So that's basically the system, if you've got any questions or if you've got anything off the cuff that you need quoted or if you have any questions, please email us on, or give us a call, worst case it draws you in the system, it's going to save heaps of time and allow you to win more work cause you've got a quote instantly.


Thanks for listening in.


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