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Labels On Rolls Quick Start Guide

To login to our labels portal go to this link:

We want every label and sticker print job to be as seamless as possible for you. Using our ordering portal is a simple and effective way to get jobs done fast. Here are the 4 key things you need to know when getting started with our system:

Logging In To Our Portal


  • Navigate to the Mediapoint website and click the login button at the top.
  • Choose to log into the old IQ system or the new order system for labels and stickers.
  • Enter your login details and password. If you encounter issues, use the forgot password prompt to reset your password.
  • Once your credentials are entered, click the login button to access the system.

Adding Users To Your Label Account


  • As a company owner, click on the settings button to manage users.
  • To add a new user, click the add new users button, fill in their details, create a password, and select their role (employee or owner).
  • After setting up a new user, they should receive an email notification.

Getting a Label / Sticker Print Quote


  • Select the Labels on Sheets product and choose the label’s shape.
  • For square or circle labels, ensure no cut lines are added. For custom shapes, a thru-cut stroke is required.
  • Enter the label size and select options such as rounded corners (note that square corners are not available due to the digital cutting process).
  • Choose the quantity and review cost-saving options suggested by the system.
  • Save the quote by adding it to the cart and optionally download a physical copy.

Accepting Quotes, Proofs & Artwork Errors


  • Proceed with a quote by adding it to your cart and combining it with other jobs if necessary.
  • At the checkout, provide necessary details like PO number, contact details, and shipping address. Ensuring all fields are accurate to automate the shipping process.
  • Review and adjust artwork specifications according to the Label guidelines provided.
  • If artwork errors are detected, the system will notify you and you may need to upload corrected artwork.
  • Confirm the order and proceed to the payment screen.
  • Once the proof is approved, accept all proofs and finalize the order, noting that no further changes can be made once production starts.
  • If necessary: reject the proof to upload new artwork.
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