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Labels and sticker printing is better with Mediapoint.

As a trade only printer, our focus on delivering quality labels and sticker printing at high-volume is unmatched in Australia. We've been printing for over 16 Years.

We offer the best pricing and 2-day turnaround time on labels and sticker printing through our intuitive online ordering portal and best-in-class equipment. Make more margin whilst delivering exceptional products to customers.

To view our range of labels and sticker printing options simply register for a trade account below. Our team will review the submission ASAP and once approved you'll have immediate access to the best priced labels and sticker printing in Australia.


Benefits of choosing Mediapoint for labels and sticker printing

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No Laminate Needed

Utilising outdoor durable UV inks that do not require lamination means we can offer you more margin, reduce waste and print more sustainably. Our printing process is state-of-the-art.

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Free Blind Shipping

To provide even more value to our valued clients we are offering free blind sipping to your customers, Australia-wide, on all label rolls ordered.

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Custom Shapes

Need a simple custom shape cut for your labels? No problem. Mediapoint can create the shape you need with no die setup fees.

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Any Order Volume Requirement

Mediapoint can handle any volume without sacrificing turnaround time. Of course, the discounts apply as volume increases to provide you with resellers with even more margin.

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Industry-leading Print Quality

Thanks to state-of-the-art printing alongside an incredible resolution of 1200x1200dpi, even ultra-small text is legible.

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No White Edges

The included cutting technology guarantees no white edges offering you further peace-of-mind when it comes to quality.

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1m Length

Print labels up to a massive 1m length without any extra costs.

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Instant Pricing

Don’t let quoting slow you down. Access live pricing on our online portal 24/7 and get jobs printed fast.

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Fast Turnaround Times

Get labels printed fast with an industry-leading 2 business day* turnaround even on large volume orders. Put us to the test!

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Easy Peel

Your customers will never suffer from hard-to-pool stickers thanks to scoreless advanced liner cutting.

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Custom Sizes

For custom sizes, Mediapoint has you covered. We can print to any sizes from 30mm x 20mm to 300mm to 1000mm. Simply let us know what you require and we’ll take it from there.

What Stocks Do You Offer?
We currently offer a Stickler White Gloss BOPP stock. BOPP is priced as a more cost effective solution even though and is more durable than paper. We do not offer paper stock at this time - but registered users will be notified as we add more options.
What Size Labels are Available?
The minimum size label we offer is 30mm x 30mm. We are not able to go below this size. The max size is 308mm x 1000mm.
What Label Shapes Can You Cut?
We offer simple shape-cutting - labels with no more than 5 points. We do not offer intricate cutting, and your job may be rejected if it requires a complex custom cut.
Do you cut Square/Rectangle Labels Perfectly Square?
No - with our cutting, all corners need a slightly rounded corner at a minimum of 1mm.
Do You Offer Kinds On Labels?
We offer kinds based on the number of lanes we are running off our 312 mm-wide stock. So for example, if a label size is on 5 lanes/rolls, we would only be able to offer kinds in multiples of 5.
How Much Extra Is Shipping?
Shipping for labels on rolls is free of charge for a limited time. This includes blind shipping Australia-wide.
What Is The Core Size?
We only offer a 76mm core size with an outward-facing label.
What Are The Core Width Options For Hand-Applied Labels?
We have a workable width of 312mm so we will setup your job for the best yield - up to 6 cores per 312mm width: 1 core across - 312mm (max label width 308mm) 2 cores across - 156mm (max label width 152mm) 3 cores across - 104mm (max label width 100mm) 4 cores across - 78mm (max label width 74mm) 5 cores across - 62mm (max label width 58mm) 6 cores across - 52mm (max label width 48mm)
I need The Rolls Split With A Set Quantity Per Roll, Do You Do This?
We do not offer set quantities per roll. The only way to split rolls is to order a different number of kinds on our system.
What Are The Label Gap Options For Machine-Applied Labels?
We offer gaps between labels in 1mm increments - from 3mm to 10mm.
What Are The Gap-to-Edge Options For Machine-Applied Labels?
We offer the gaps between labels in .5mm increments - from 2mm to 5mm.
What Leading-Edge Options Are Available For Hand-Applied Labels?
We do not provide an option for specifying the leading edge for hand-applied labels. The orientation will be determined based on the best yield. If your labels need a specific orientation and specifications, please select the machine-applied label options. Note that these have a higher pricing starting point.
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