Order by 12 noon AEST for Next Day Dispatch on Corflute Signs – square cut, single sided, single artwork jobs without any special finishing under $1300+GST
Under $2600+GST – 2 business days
Under $3999+GST – 3 business days
Over $4000+ – Speak to us
Special Finishing such as custom shape cutting & double-sided printing will add a day to the lead time

Corflute signs are the perfect choice for clients that need a cost-effective, easy signage solution with a quick turnaround and flexible design.

The most obvious benefit of corflute signage is that it is the most economical option for businesses on a tight budget or those who need to print in bulk, but do not want to sacrifice high print quality. The hollow flutes running through these boards ensure signage is very lightweight, making it easy to transport, install and secure with adhesive, screws or nails.

Corflute boards are a popular short-term outdoor and long-term indoor solution, with weather-proofing that protects the sign to maintain its condition for up to a couple of years. This is without a doubt the cheapest and wisest option for signage such as real estate signs, promotional signs, construction and building site signage, event advertisements and more. Indoor signage proves to be even more durable, with organisations printing warning signs, instructions, in-store advertising and other POS collateral and enjoying it for years to come.

Unlike other low price printing solutions, corflute signs are very customisable. Signs can be printed and cut to custom sizes and shapes under 2400mm x 1200mm as well with a range of finishing options. Please see the link below to get pricing on Corflute for your customers.

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Will My Sign Fade Outdoors?

We print using an outdoor durable UV ink which is rated up to 2 years outdoors before fading. Factors such as location, abrasion and chemical use can impact on the life span of your sign but it is generally a very durable outdoor option.

What Is The Finish Of The Ink & Can Corflute Be Laminated?

UV ink printed on Corflute has a matt finish. Unfortunately, we do not offer any board coating services; however this is generally not advised because we want to avoid reflections and maintain optimal visibility indoors and outdoors.

What Is The Flute Direction Of The Corflute?

Our Corflute sheets are 2400mm x 1200mm with the flutes running along the 2400mm dimension. So the flute direction may vary as our quote is to maximise the sheet usage, saving you money. If you need your flutes to run in a specific direction, then please let us know and we will quote accordingly.

What Type of Eyelets Are Offered On Corflute?

We use a non-rust metal eyelet which is machine punched and this guarantees a neat, safe and durable result. Please see the finishing specs to the right for more information on eyelet placement. Please note we require a 45mm square safe area for all eyelets.


3mm & 5mm White

General Artwork Guidelines
- Fonts must be converted to outlines
- 3mm bleeds
- Not having trim marks for rectangle artwork is preferred
- Please include finished size and quantity in file name
- PDF artwork only
- Provide artwork at 100% final size
- Artwork to be in CMYK colour - for any colours which need matching we need pantones and there are additional fees for colour matching

Custom Finishing Guidelines
Please put your artwork on the Artwork layer and ensure it is the top layer
If your artwork needs any Creasing please place a white stroke on the Crease layer indicating where you want this to be
If your artwork needs any Kiss-cut please place a white stroke on the Kiss-cut layer indicating where you want this to be
If your artwork needs any Holes drilled please place a 6mm white circle on the Drill layer indicating where you want this to be
If your artwork needs any V-Cutting please place a white stroke on the V-cut layer indicating where you want this to be
If your artwork needs any Custom Cutting please place a white stroke on the Thru-cut layer indicating where you want this to be
If your artwork needs any Routing for any Composite Board or Acrylic printing please place a white stroke on the Thru-cut layer indicating where you want this to be

Clear Eyelets
Non-Rust Metal Eyelets

Please keep 45mm square space clear clear in your artwork for eyelet. The center of the eyelet will be 25mm in from the edge. If you would like eyelets in a special spot on your board please put a 4mm colored circle in your artwork 25mm in from edge to indicate the center of the eyelet.

Clear Eyelets
Double Taping

Double taping on rear of board. Pricing is per side length. If you want all 4 sides taped please select a quantity of 4. Please indicate in your job notes where you would like this placed.

Clear Eyelets
Face Scoring

The face of the board is scored to allow the corflute to fold. See Artwork Specs for setting this up.

Clear Eyelets

We can offer 6mm holes as an option. You will need to add the 6mm holes as a Thru-cut as per our artwork specs. Please note that on corflute the holes will be jagged due to the stock.

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