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Business Branding with Corporate Wall Decals

Wall Stickers for Wall Decoration

Wall stickers are a simple and attractive way to decorate walls instantly. You can decorate all the walls of a room in a different manner with the help of wall graphics and removable and permanent wall decals. If you go with removable wall stickers then you can change the decoration of wall any time but permanent wall art stickers are useful for long term.

Wall Stickers for Home Decoration

At home you can decorate your kid's room with a wide range of beautiful nursery graphics themes such tree wall stickers, princess stickers, comic stickers etc. as well as your rooms with your favourite graphics or positive quotes.

Wall Stickers for Business Branding and Promotion

Use of wall stickers for business promotion has changed allot the method of branding. Presently these wall decals are being used heavily for business branding or business promotion in offices, commercial places, business meeting halls, flower shops, trade fairs, educational institutions, fast food franchises and many more business places. These wall stickers are very attractive and leaves a good impact of commercial message in the mind of consumers.

Digital Wall Stickers Printing Can Create Magic On Walls

Mediapoint offers digital wall stickers printing and cutting, So you can customize the wall stickers in your own way. You can use as many colours as you like with your favourite graphics. A midpoint is not limited in size because we can tile wall graphics to cover any wall size. These custom wall decals will totally change your room or office and the walls will look like a masterpiece.

Reusable and Easy to Install

Wall decals and stickers are easy to install than wall paper and we have a stock which is totally reusable. We offer permanent and removable stock for long term applications.

Free Shipping of Wall Stickers Anywhere in Australia

Mediapoint prints the wall decals in 48 hours and offers free shipping to Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart and anywhere in Australia.

Contact for Wall Stickers Print Assistance

If you want pricing details for wall decals then email us at info@mediapoint.com.au. Our professional team is always ready to help you with printing of custom wall stickers for your business and your home as well.

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  • What kind of walls can this product be used on?

    Our normal stocks are designed to stick on to any smooth painted walls which do not have Teflon in it. Teflon is an ingredient in paints which allows the paint to be easily cleaned. If you stick a sticker to this after a few weeks the graphic will start bubbling up and fall off.

  • So what options are available to me if my wall has Teflon in it?

    If the wall has Teflon in it we have an ultra-high stick material. Once it is stuck down it does not come off and will need to take the pain off to be removed.

  • So what stock options are available for this sort of install?

    We can use a range of different materials depending on the finish needed:

    • Cut Vinyl:Where only certain parts of the wall need to be covered just in one colour
    • Reusable:We have a reusable fabric which is common on smaller short term graphics which you want to use time and time again on different walls
    • Removable:A vinyl stock which is removable within 12 months and slowly becomes permanent after this
    • Permanent:This is an ultra-high stick stock, once stuck down it is very difficult to remove
  • What installation options do you have?

    We print using environment friendly latex inks as opposed to harmful solvent printing so our stickers are greener because of this.

  • What tile width do you offer?

    Our materials are 1.3 meters wide and we can print any height up to 50 meters.