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Why you should consider Mediapoint for Custom Stickers Printing?

Known for Varities of Decals or Stickers Printing

Mediapoint has worked over 5000 sticker or decals projects over the last 6 years, yes 5000! We offer digital printing of huge range of custom stickers printing in rectangular, square, round or any shapes and designs. Customers can choose their favourite designs or create personalised decals for printing.

Best Quality Decal or Stickers Printing

We use best quality ink for Decals printing and we can print an outdoor durable ink superior to other printers. We can print and cut stickers in any shape and size with digital cutting system. Mediapoint uses a unique system for diecut stickers from sticker sheets and supply them in range of options.

Custom Stickers or Decals Printing at Your Choice

our sticker printing is digital so you can choose any design and any number of colours. We also kiss cut to any shape and size without die's

Cheap Sticker Printing Services

Mediapoint provides discount to customers on large orders and provides flexibility for a wide range of budgets with order starting at $180+GST

Get Your Custom Stickers Australia Wide

Mediapoint offers fast decal printing and shipping of all kind of decals or stickers to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart or anywhere in Australia. Shipping with tracking is included in the price.

Mediapoint Assist you for Decals or Stickers Printing and Design

We are just an email away from you. Our professional team is ready to assist you for your custom stickers printing and design requirements. For more information explore our stickers gallery and frequently asked questions below. You can email us if you have any unique inquiry or are after a custom sticker quote.


  • What exactly are custom digital stickers?

    Custom Digital Stickers are adhesive tags which advertise a brand or message. It has a digital print on the front of the film and on the back has adhesive so you can stick it to many surfaces. Custom Digital Stickers give you maximum value without sacrificing quality and your desired colour because digitally printed stickers look more attractive than ordinary printing.

  • What kind of surfaces can I stick digital stickers to?

    You can apply custom stickers to most flat surfaces such as:

    • Metal
    • Windows
    • Vehicles
    • Flat plastics
    • Some painted walls
    • Size and shape of a sticker also matter when you want to stick them. Some stickers are for particular use such as double sided stickers and white ink stickers are used on mirrors or glass sheets.
  • What kinds of surfaces wont digital stickers adhere to?

    Some of the surfaces we do not recommend sticking stickers to are:

    • Unpainted Wood
    • Low energy plastics/surfaces
    • Raw Concrete
    • Carpet
    • Fabrics
    • Any Uneven Surface
  • What would happen if I stuck a sticker to a non-recommended material?

    Some surfaces are not recommended for sticking stickers because it cannot stick properly on those surfaces or damage the material, Outcomes may come:

    • The sticker may bubble very quickly
    • The applied sticker may be very easy to peel off
    • The sticker may start peeling back from the edges
    • The sticker will not last as long as quoted
  • What are the advantages of digital stickers over other kinds of stickers?

    The advantages of digital sticker printing via a 4 colour process are that:

    • There is a much lower setup fee thatís why digital stickers are less expensive.
    • Printing photographic images are not a problem because printing is done by digital systems.
    • Quoting on one colour or a million colours does not make a difference to your price.
    • Your order can be handled faster because digital printing is a fast process.
    • It is suitable from the smallest orders even up to larger orders
    • Customers can personalize their own designs and choose their favourite colours for creating stickers.
    • Large format sticker are also possible in digital printing.
  • What are the limitations with digital sticker printing?

    Digitally printed stickers print via a 4-color process (CMYK), because of this they are very cost effective and you are not limited by colour. The limitations however are:

    • Text must be above 8point to be legible (We also recommend giving us any artwork with small text in vector format as JPEG blur images particularly small text).
    • To make a colour, 4 inks are mixed to make it. So close up some colours may not be solid such as greys in particular but from further back they will be clearer.
    • We still recommend you give us any pantone colours if you need any colour closely match as CMYK values are device dependant.
    • For small stickers we can only provide these as sheets as they can easily damage in transport and are harder to peel.
    • Digital printed stickers are durable so they are not easy to remove when stuck once.
    • It is difficult to handle costs of digital printing for a small business because digital stickers are printed in bulk and a small business does not need as much stock of stickers.
  • Why are Mediapoint's Vinyl for stickers different than other suppliers?
    • Printed onto UV-resistant vinyl
    • Waterproof
    • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use
    • Can be digitally die-cut
    • Vinyl based and not paper based, so more water resistant than label stickers
    • Manufactured in Australia
    • Ink will last for 2+ years with UV resistance
    • Clean removal with heat
    • Stickers can be supplied in small sheets to reduce loss and damage and make it easier for you to peel
    • Easy to take off backing paper (unlike cheaper vinyls)
  • Why is Mediapoint well known for Sticker Printing?
    • We are known for shaking up the industry and offering the fastest turnaround times for longer life outdoor stickers
    • We don't charge more based on the shape of a sticker for kiss cutting
    • We ship with tracking via express post or via courier always
    • We do not charge artwork fees if your artwork is print ready and you've followed our artwork guidelines
    • We check your artwork before going ahead with an order
    • We do simple laying out and tweaking to artwork free of charge
    • We give you exactly what you pay for and do not have a tolerance range for being under - we will always try and give a little bit extra
    • We strive to offer the solution that best suits your needs
    • We provide any size and shape for customer stickers and digital printing so customer can personalize or create own designs of stickers in their favourite colours.