Shelf Wobbler Printing

Shelf Wobbler Printing

Video Transcript:

Hey guys, it’s Jamie Here. I’m one of the founders of MediaPoint. I’m going to talk to you today about a little product called wobblers or shelf wobblers, as they are called. This is a product we get asked about regularly because of our flatbed printing capabilities. We can print these and cut these to any shape with our digital cutting table. What this means is that we are not limited to dye shapes. We actually cut this out with our cutting table abound the shape that you need.

Our price list has this as a product at 140 x 210 ml. You can have a look in at price unit costing based on this, even if your size is smaller you can get your pricing off that. If you do need a custom quote, as you have a large quantity a totally different size, send us an email and we can price it up for you.

The key thing to know here is with this, our pricing. What is includes is a taper which is this shape here and we also include a simple shape. By a simple shape we mean is having a shape that doesn’t have a million points. It’s just a really simple square, circle, or just a really simple contour. What we’ve found is that we’ve had some customers flip us over you know a wobbler is a star and it had 20 points. By doing that, you are increasing the cutting time which is what creates the pricing to be a lot more for that sort of product. Which we need to custom price. The great thing is by using us you are not limited to that shape. You can get 50 wobblers or 20 wobblers at a custom shape with the finish that you need.

Back to the product though. We use a 200 gsm polyprop for this, so the polyprop is tear resistant. It’s also waterproof. We can’t laminate our polyprop. The reason is for this is it causes it to [inaudible 00:01:32] which is why we don’t touch that, however our inks are rated for to use in sunlight. But these being on shelves it’s not going to make too much of a difference because they will be internal.

We also included a five centimeter strip of tape on the front stem. The reason for this is that you can put this on your shelf [inaudible 00:01:48] and stick it on there. It’s a great little product. It’s an easy sale if you got any clients, if you got any product labels or they sell products into stores. But if you have any retail clients, if you’ve got any connections in there and you want to get that in. Also those sort of guys we will get prototyping rounds of a few hundred, which we would be suited to. For massive runs we still may be suited to it depending if you [inaudible 00:02:14] variations or custom shapes. But for a massive run a offset printer might be more suitable when there is a dye to be made.

If you do need pricing shoot us an email. I would also encourage you to book an appointment with you can see on our email chains and everything. You will get a 15 minute chat with me. The reason why I endorse this is because our price list is a generic on our core products with is 60% of what people order the remaining 40% needs to be custom priced. What I find is that off a lot of my best clients is there are a few key products that the customers are demanding from them. By me sitting down and chatting about the individual needs, I’m able to help them get better rates. A better service or something more to suit their clients. So please book these, I will be really happy to chat with you if you are a new or even existing client. Thanks for listening in.