Sheeted Sticker Printing

Sheeted Sticker Printing

Video Transcript:

Hey, it’s Jamie here and I’m one of the founders at MediaPoint. I’m going to talk to you today about sheeted stickers. Sheeted Sticker is a massive product for us. Reason being is we do have our free latex life form matte printers. I’ve got a whole heap of finishing equipment. One of the biggest sticker move is for us is sheeted stickers. Sheeted stickers are great for customers looking for product labels.

The reason for is sheeted stickers are easy to peel and stick to your product. We don’t do label on rolls, we only do them on sheets. A great benefit to us is you can get a small, medium, even large rounds with pretty feasible still on. Add custom shapes, all variations and stuff like that. With our sheeted stickers we do run a normal sheet size. The reason for this is it helps us to pack more and more efficiently or pre-com.

If you do have a custom size sheeted sticker label, what we can do for you is make a larger sheet if need be. We’ll probably just add it to the turnaround time and it will lean to the custom price as well. Because of this as well we also print free draw-able stickers as we’re using white text inks. We only print off of vinyl. We don’t use a paper at all. The stock doesn’t affect the pricing, but fixable pricing is actual prices so printing it before that.

Cutting it and then supplying it. The stock doesn’t really contribute that much of the pricing. It’s just the time. In regards to this as well, as it is a vinyl with latex inks is very water proof and it is freezer proof. This is great for customers that are in to selling products in freezing and stuff like that. However what you do need to do is stick this product on the part of it that is dry.

You can’t stick it on when it’s cold coming out the freezer as the moisture from the product won’t allow the adhesive to settle on there. Another great thing is the stocks we use with our vinyl. We’ve got clear vinyl and our ink is normally translucent with the clear vinyl. We can print a white ink behind it to make it solid but we can’t have pure white ink there is well.

If you’re operating on the clear let us know if you need the white ink in there or if you don’t care if it’s translucent as it’s got a lighter background. We also have a normal glass white vinyl. Which is this product here. Which we peel it off. We’ve also got a matte removable bottom stock. For customers that are looking for the cover ups and tags or somebody just in product labels, we also have a gloss block out spot.

The difference is it’s got the same face as this. The only major difference is the actual adhesive side is brave and what this does is it actually blocks text coming through there. If you do need a sticker where you’re blocking anything out just let us know immediately so we can find the right solution. With our pricing as well we do have this on our trade price list which is no doubt have seen.

If you haven’t just name and I’ll send it over to you. We also recommend as well if you’re a new customer or even existing. Name what kind of time to have a quick phone appointment with me. It only takes 10 or 15 minutes with a bit of ease I can get a feel for your company, were we fit in. If need be if something is not on our price list I can talk to you about getting you a custom price from our custom service if need be to help you sell more.

By doing that it will also pass over more work to us. We’ve found we’ve developed low ball customers by following this price list over the time developing trust. Hopefully I can chat to you and thanks for connecting and I hope you come soon to some more over the years.