Poster Printing

Poster Painting

Video Transcript:

Hey guys, it’s Jamie and I’m one of the founders at Media Point. Today I’m going to talk to you about posters. Posters are really important for us, which we’re printing daily off of our poster printer. The reason for this is our width. We can print out 1.28 meters wide, as long as you need. We’re not limited to any of those off-set base sizes, like up to A1, A2 around those ones. We can get to a lot bigger than that.

I would say most customer ask us for massive panels or cover art displays and stuff like that.

Without poster paper this is our 170GSM, this locks down seven on post paper. Even though it’s a tad thicker it’s really great to see and is nice and flat. Also, you get a nice little shine to it. We also have a 200GSM gloss stock, which is paper. We also have a 200GSM satin polyprop as well.

We don’t laminate our posters, although we do recommend our customers who want durability to go over to the polyprop as you’ve got tear resistance and all of that for two years in sunlight. So even if you’re putting your stuff in a window it won’t fade really quickly like other posters. Which is one of the key reasons we get a lot of poster work.

We’ve also got pretty decent turnaround times which you’ll see on our price list for common sizes. If you do have any custom sizes, or quantities. Please drop us an email and we’ll get back to you pretty quickly.

We also get a lot of customers asking us for shelf strips. As we cut the individual shapes or anything like that.

You can shoot us an email to, you can also see our price list from our emails in our signature.

For new customers and existing customers I’d also recommend booking in for a phone appointment with myself. It’ll only take ten or fifteen minutes. That’s where I’ll really feel your needs and what you’re after. Also at the end of the chat I’ll send out a sample pack that will have this great product and a few other samples as well, so you can get a real feel about quality. You can see there’s no banding, and feel really assured about our quality.

Thanks for listening in, I hope we connect in the future.