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Video Transcript:

Hey guys, it’s Jamie here. As you can see when you walk into our (MediaPoint) reception, as this is our reception room, the first thing you will get greeted by is our walls, which are pretty visually appealing, as there’s a lot of photos going on. The collage we bought is actually our story. For guys that don’t know, my brother and I … My brother’s Jason. I’m Jamie. Jason’s the back end, the production guy, and I’m the front end guy, so you’ll probably hear a little bit from both of us, or mostly myself.

We started the business coming on to 10 years now, so nearly 10 years ago. We started from nothing. We bootstrapped our way out to where we are now. We started out in large format, and we progressed into flatbed printing, which is where we’re at now. We found that we love dealing with business owners, and we love dealing in the print, so with the equipment we had, we found that trade was a natural market for us, because we love dealing with print business owners, and we love producing, and that’s our specialty. We don’t deal in retail. The reason why is we don’t have the specialty in design or liaising customers, and leave that to you guys.

So I’ve got a story. We’ve got a lot of photos from when we first started, so on our wall, we’ve got photos from when we’re working at our parents’ house downstairs. We took over the whole downstairs area. About a year into the business, we jumped into the factory where we are now. It was a massive factory when we first moved in, however, we’ve really grown into it, and now we’re progressing into more shifts, and getting more hours into it. With us, we’ve got the philosophy of being really nimble, so moving to where the market needs to go.

Also, we always push for our employees to always be reliable. That’s the key thing why using us. Any time that’s reliable, that’s going to deliver what they promise, so us, whenever they promise anything, a due date, if we can’t make the dispatch day, sometimes we’ll say no, when customers are pushing us too hard or unreasonable. We won’t just take the work and then push it out later. That’s the way we work, and we’ve got real good philosophies on that, so we like partnering with businesses where they can go out and sell, and not have the stress of having to produce. We’ll take that in-house. We’ve got the specialty in that, and we’re building a team which has the same thought of what we do. Jason and I are still in the business, and we’re overseeing daily operations, and have it fully controlled. It’s not one thing that we’re always on top of. If you’ve got any questions, let us know, and we’d love to work with you, or keep working with you if you’re already a client.