New 3M Sticker Codes



We are officially switching from Avery to 3m on our sticker products. Our customers are continually asking about 3m stocks so we have decided to go over to this brand because of it. Our stocks in IQ are slowly changing to:


Avery MPI 3000PP Gloss Monomeric -> 3M IJ15-10 GWP Gloss Monomeric White Permanent

Avery MPI 3021 Matt Monomeric -> 3M IJ15-10 MWP Matt Monomeric White

Avery MPI 3002 Gloss Blockout Removable -> 3M IJ20-10R GWGR Gloss Blockout Removable

Avery 2006 High Tack White Stock -> 3M IJ39-20 High Tack MWP

Avery 2105 5 Year Polymeric Bubble Free -> 3M 5 year IJ35C-10 GWGAP Polymeric Blockout Bubble Free

Avery DOL 3000 Gloss Laminate -> 3M IJ15-114 GCP Gloss Monomeric Laminate

Avery DOL 3100 Matt Laminate -> 3M IJ15-114 MCP Matt Monomeric Laminate

Avery DOL 2000 Gloss Laminate -> 3M 8508 Gloss Polymeric Laminate