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Video Transcript:

Thanks for opening up our email. My name is Jamie, and I’m one of the owners at Mediapoint, so if you ever call through please feel free to drop my name and ask for me, if I’m available I’ll get around to you. The reason for this video is I just wanted to talk a little bit about our equipment, we always get asked about how we print out stuff and how we feature it, and what equipment we’re running. I just wanted to talk about it, because people get a real idea of what level we’re at, and some of our customers can figure they can use our equipment. We’ve got well over a million dollars in our setup, pretty brand new equipment, so we’ll be able to pump out orders that you probably can’t do in-house because you don’t have the funds to get the equipment, the manpower or the factory space which we’ve got here, and we’re expanding as well.

In regards to our big ticket item, is our flatbed printer. We used a SwissQ Nyala, it’s a 3.2 meter by 1.6 meter bed, it allows us to print straight onto sub-straights and also allows us to even print roll to roll meters. The max width that we carry in stock is a 2.4 meter wide banner stock. It allows us to print white ink off that printer as well. The next piece of equipment is in the finishing end for flatbed, and it’s our Zoom cutting table, which also a 3.2 by 2.5 meter cutting table, so we can actually fit two sheets side by side on our table, but if you’ve got large sub-straights we can cut them. What the Zoom allows us to do is it allows us to custom cut your boards to shape, if not rectangles, also allows us to do custom finishing options such as creasing, routing, drilling holes and the like. It is slower than the guillotine, so anything rectangular is quicker getting guillotined than being on the Zoom, but this opens up our product range, we can also do boxes on this machine.

The next piece of equipment is our latex printers, which are roll to roll printers. They get used a fair bit because we do a lot of sales such as stickers, posters, banners through those printers. These printers use latex ink, which is rated for two years outdoors unlaminated. If you are looking a longer life we do recommend laminating that ink, which will push it up an extra year. In regards to stickers, we can move slots onto the Zoom, but we primarily put all those stickers on our Graphtec plotters. Our plotters will kiss cut, so allow us to do a lot shaded stickers and bi-cut stickers as well. We’ve got a fotoba machine which allow our roll medias to be rectangle cut.

That talks about our main printing and finishing equipment, we’ve also got a range of handwork machines, banner finishing machines, a lot of hand work related items and we’ve got a lot of space. That gives you just a general overview of how we do what we do. Thanks for listening in, and if you’ve got any questions please drop an email to