Margins to Add to Our Trade Pricing

margins to add to our trade pricing - MediaPoint

Video Transcript:

As a printer, or a graphic designer, or what field you’re in, there’s one question we always get asked from you guys which is what margins do we put on our outlines. What we find is … Even though we’re on the lower end, people are going head to head trying to be as cheap as possible even though they’re not outputting the same quality as what we do in turnaround times, and stuff.

We are very reliable, but what we recommend you doing putting about 30 to 40%. What you’ll find is if a customer is getting a dirt cheap quote, they’re losing out with us, with our print quality and stuff like how we’ve got no banding, we’ve got no issue with our products, we made our turnaround times. If guys are trying to come to us with dirt cheap pricing, they’re sacrificing somewhere.

We understand they’re not all of our quotes that will be feasible for you. However, in general, putting 30 to 40% will cover you on our pricing. It’s up to you if you don’t want to put some more markup and you want to keep certain customers, or don’t want customers going elsewhere, or if it’s a profit benefit for you adding that is great.

The beauty about using us and adding those modules on top is you’re not outlaying on equipment and time. You can drop us an order at 5pm, it’ll be ready in a few days. Go home and sleep easy. You can leave us working back at night and doing the work for you, so it takes that stress out of the equation.

If you want to chat to me about how this relates to your business and what you can apply, please feel free to book an appointment to chat to me. You can just click on the link which will take you to book a time to speak to me over the phone, only takes about 10 or 15 minutes and I’ll love to chat to you about how what we can do applies to your business and any special pricing or processes to be made, so you can sell these to your clients.

Thanks for listening and hopefully we can work together in the future.