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High Quality Large Format Printing in Australia

Advertising with Large Format Printing

Large format prints are visible from a distance and easily readable. Large pictures are really helpful to promote a product or spread any message and it catches the attraction of public. If you are looking for large format printing solutions then Mediapoint is a right place. Our large format printing is just what you need.

Digital Large Format Printing

Digital large printers are used in Mediapoint for large format printing. We can print 2.5 meter wide. With our digital printing methods we can print on many different surfaces. We print on materials up to 160 cm wide and as long as you want. Our large format digital printing uses a CMYK process, so we have about 16 million colours available!

Eco Friendly Products for Printing

Mediapoint use eco friendly material for printing. We are able to print on more than hundred materials for large format printing. Latex and UV printers are used for large format digital printing. We provide fast turnaround for large format printing in Australia.

Free Shipping Australia Wide

Mediapoint offers quick printing services for large format printing. You will get the exact colour which you want. We provide free shipping to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Hobart and anywhere in Australia.

Assistance of Mediapoint in Large Format Printing

Mediapoint has the expertise, the systems and the capability to turn your job around quickly and affordably.Our professional team will help you to solve problem of large format printing of customized large format printing. For more information you can visit our product range below and read frequently asked questions. For any unique inquiry email us at a info@mediapoint.com.au

What Type of Product Are You After?


  • Do you have all your materials listed on the website?

    As our equipment is constantly improving our product range is constantly evolving. Our website has a select few products which are very common, however in order to not dilute our site we have not put all of our materials on the site. For more info on what materials we can print on please email us on info@mediapoint.com.au

  • So can you give me a summary on what materials you can print on in regards to large format?

    Between our latex and UV printers we are able to print on over 100 different materials. As a summary some of the things we can print on are:

    • PAPER: Satin photo quality papers
    • SYNTHETICS: Polypropylene and other materials
    • ADHESIVES: Vinyl, Electrostatic and so on
    • PVC: Outdoor banners
    • BOARDS: Foamed PVC, Corflute, Card, Paper etc
    • SIGNS: Aluminium Composite Panel and so on
  • Where colour format do you require my artwork in?

    We print in CMYK so we require artwork to be in this format. If you need any colour matching we require Pantone PMS colours to match to.

  • What equipment and inks are you guys running?

    We are running 3 HP Latex printers able to print 1524mm wide. This allows us to get orders out very quickly. We also have 1 x UV FB700 which is able to print 2.5m wide.

  • What finishing equipment does Mediapoint have?

    This is one area we have really excelled in recently. We have been running Fotoba cutting systems for a couple of years. However recently we have acquired a Zund Digital Cutting System. This means we can cut substrates up to 2.7m wide to any shape and size. Even with a machine and not by hand we can cut a 2.5m x 50 meter banner!

  • Do you offer Environmentally Friendly products?

    We have completely moved from solvent printing to Latex/UV printing as we want to be mindful of the environment. The printing methods we offer emit no harmful emissions in production and is a lot more friendlier than solvent printing. Also the inks decompose easily compared to other inks once the print is thrown out/recycled.