How We Helped One Of Our Trade Printing Customers Grow Their Revenue by 10 Percent


This video talks about how we helped a customer grow their revenue with our Trade Printing service. This customer has a prominent list of a few thousand customers and offers a large range of in house printing services.

However, they do not have the space to get more equipment and expand into new printing products in-house. So by building a relationship with Mediapoint this customer was able to outsource large format and flatbed printed products that we offer straight to their client base.

This has been pretty successful as by adding the products to their webpage and also using it on their email outs they have been able to sell products with a healthy mark up and not add much more to their production schedule.

Here is a transcription of the video:

Hey guys, it’s Jamie from Mediapoint here. I’m just going to chat to you today about how we help our customers out. In particular, one of customers where we’ve helped them grow the business by about 10 percent, just outsourcing to us. What I’m going to do first is just start by looking at a testimonial they’ve left for us, so I can give you an idea of what we’ve done for them.

Greg here, said, since Mediapoint went trade-only, we have been using them almost exclusively for all our wide format display products. We even use them for products that we could even produce in house, because we find that Mediapoint’s pricing and turnarounds make it easier to let them do it instead. Their customer service is second to none, they will often go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that we get our products produced in the timeframes we require, and to the standards that our customers expect. I highly recommend Mediapoint for any re-sellers.

From that customer there, what you can see is we’ve developed a really good relationship with them. This customer in particular, will send us quote requests very regularly, often three to five a day. They’re getting them from their customers where they’ve got existing work for the stuff they do in house, however, some would like the format stuff and also the flat bed printing which they don’t do in house. They don’t want to lose the work. The reason being is they don’t want only customers looking elsewhere, and potentially getting poached for core work they do in house and they make the most profit on.

However, by shooting us the work what they’re finding is they’re able to put margins between 30 to 50 percent on top of what we charge them at. They’ve got no stress of producing it, all they need to do is get the job from the customer, obviously get paid from them, make sure the art work is set up reasonably correct. What you find is a lot of customers never setup 100 percent and they’ll send over the artwork work to us. We’ve got over a million dollars of equipment and we’re using our equipment to produce the work, even drop ship and blind ship it to their customers so it looks it’s coming from them.

Their customers are getting orders in one to two business days in some cases, at the very max three business days and it looks like it’s coming from them. They’re making the margin and they’ve got no risk. Also they’re a pretty large customer of ours but what we’ve found is over time, they’ve become one of our key partners. We hope to do this with a lot of our customers.

If this is something you’re interested in, book in for an appointment to have a chat with me, Jamie. I’d love to just chat to you and just get a feel of your business and see how it would fit in to what you guys do and I’d also send you our sample pack.