How We Create Double Winged Strutted Corflute Standee’s


Hi, it’s Jamie here. Today I’m going to talk to you guys about standees. With standees, we have our standard pricing in our price list, which is on page two of our website. With standees, we have worth sizes, however, you can have custom shapes within that size. One, as your size allows for a nice middle section for the strut to be placed in. If you have any cutouts or you don’t have a flat edge down the bottom, the strut won’t work or will be visible. A lot of customers don’t want the strut to be visible, so this is very important. We do have set strut sizing, so you have to allow for your artwork to fit within that.

When setting up your artwork, you’ll need to have your artwork as one layer, and your cut line as a separate layer. You also want your cut line to be a stroke a vector. If it’s not a vector, we won’t be able to see on our cutting table and we won’t be able to cut it out. With our pricing, as well, we have pricing on set strut sizes and stocks. However, this customer, for example, has one on PVC just for a flatter finish, and they paid a little bit more for that. Please keep this in mind.

If you have any questions about standees, just shoot us an e-mail and we can help you out, especially on your first order. With standees, as well, we also do custom packaging, which ensures that it’s safe. You also want to avoid any sort of sharp edges or anything flimsy as it can break off, as well.