Fome-cor Printing

Fome-cor Printing

Video Transcript:

Hey, my name’s Jamie and I’m one of the founders at MediaPoint. Today I’m going to talk to you about one of our board products, 5 mil foam board. Even though it is 5 mil, we can also bring in 10 mil and 20 mil foam cores as well. This is a great product for customers looking for an internal board display, if you’re hanging it up in a store or even just putting up on your wall. The reason being customers like this because it’s fairly rigid, as you can see from this board here, it doesn’t bend really easily. If you do bend it too hard it will snap, so it’s important to keep in mind.

With this stock as well it’s really light for being rigid, so it’s great for hanging. It’s a lot safer than a lot of heavier boards. Also with the stock we can cut out holes into it if need be to help with hanging. Also with inks that we use it’s a UV rated ink that we use. It is ready to use in sunlight, however we don’t recommend putting it up in windows because over time the boards do tend to bend with the heat, because it’s not suited to being in extreme weather. You probably want to keep this product on any surface or in any room that’s going to be kept probably under 30 degrees constantly.

If it’s going to be in a room on a 40 degree day without air-con where the room’s going to get to above 40 degrees, over time this might warp, especially when you’ve got a thicker board which is going to be a little bit more. It’s important to note these boards are never always perfectly flat. So if you’re putting it up on a wall you might double tape around the parameter to help it out.

If you don’t like this stock we do have a few other alternatives. For example 2 mil spring boards with paper based product. Very similar to this except it’s not as rigid and it is heavier, but it won’t bend in heat like this will.

Second one is also foam PVC which is definitely not rigid. It is heavier. However you can put it up in your window. The only thing with that is after a few weeks it will yellow in sunlight as well, however it won’t bend or anything like that. It is a short term outdoor solution but a really long term indoor solution.

This is a product we also have on our price list so if you haven’t downloaded or seen it, check it out it should be on the second or third page. However if you’re looking at any custom shapes or sizes send us a email for a quote. If you’re a new customer or an existing customer I highly recommend also booking a 15 minute chat with me. The reason being is with what I find, is even though we’ve got our price list it covers 60% of what we do. A lot of customers have a few little points that are unique to their business, some item or unique products where they need stuff packed, where they need stuff to go out, where they need custom pricing to get that major project for the customer. I’m happy to chat to you guys because what I find with my old customers by doing this with them we can help you too get more work and you’ll pass that over to us, so it’s a massive win-win.

I highly encourage you, if you can book in that time. Also you’ll receive a few emails from me just showing you around, showing you some products and encouraging you to have a look and hopefully we can connect. Thanks for listening in.