Double Sided Sticker Printing

Double Sided Sticker Printing

Video Transcript:

Hey, Guys. It’s Jamie here, one of the founders at Mediapoint. Today, I’m going to talk to you a little bit about double-sided stickers. This is something we’re asked about a fair bit, the reason being is our finding a supply of these is pretty hard if there’s only one or two methods [inaudible 00:00:13] market. If you’re looking for a massive run, the offset method is probably still the way to go. Where we fit in is if you’re looking at a smaller [inaudible 00:00:22] per run, that’s where we would fit in.

Our process for doing this is actually printing these in five layers. What we do is we actually print [inaudible 00:00:30] reverse, back it in white ink, then put black ink in the middle for the third layer, then put a white ink layer again, and then semi [inaudible 00:00:37] on the top layer. There’s actually five layers of print.

The reason why we put the black layer in the middle of it is to make the actual double-sided stickers block out, so when you stick it on the window, you see it on one side. Let me just peel this one just to show you guys.

When you’re looking at it from here, you don’t see the text coming through from the sticker behind it. If you look at the back of it, you see it’s just solid black. What we’ve actually done is we’ve actually printed the black, white, black again, white, and then semi [inaudible 00:01:11] here. By doing that, it’s blocking the logo coming through it.

Because of this, our process is really slow. We can only do about a square meter an hour, if that. Because of this, our pricing is pretty high per square inch double-sided stickers. However, because of this, we can do it in a small to medium runs, and we can do custom shape as well. One thing we’re not limited to is we’re not limited to doing a certain size. We can do a massive double-sided sticker, if need be. It beats having to get two stickers and manually put them together [inaudible 00:01:41] you could get away with doing that. These sort of orders, customers are asking for you to do five hundred, a thousand, two and a half thousand, five thousand. We’ve even had customers from overseas contact us about printing these, because it’s such a hard product to get right.

The only other thing we found with double-sided stickers is, because it is a five layer print, it’s a really thick and dense layer ink. Because of this, when we cut our sticker, which you probably can’t see in the video because it’s such a thin thing, we’ve got a half mil clear edge. The reason for this is so it doesn’t crack the ink on the edge. Just in cutting is what we’ve noticed, it being so thick.

Also, because we’re printing five layers, the stickers can be, when you peel them off the sheet, they can be a little bit hard to peel off. They’ll curl up a little bit. However, once you stick them to your surface, they’re all fine.

I will say our white ink is rated for one year outdoors in UV sunlight. You won’t be getting a really long life out of that, and there’s nothing we can do to prolong that. It’s a great little product.

If you want to find out more about double-sided stickers, if you’re a new customer, even an existing customer, I highly recommend you booking a fifteen minute phone chat to speak to me. You’ll see on all my email signatures, the booking time to chat to me, or you also probably get emails about this. I really encourage you to do this, because what I find is, even though we’re posting our price list, I also find new customers have different products that aren’t on our price list, or have had issues with other suppliers, or need things done differently to how we normally do it. We can set up prices to cater to your needs. By doing this, I’ll help you sell more, [inaudible 00:03:10]

Thanks for listening in. Hopefully, we can connect.