Digital White Ink Sticker Printing

White Ink Sticker Printing

Video Transcript:

Hey guys, it’s Jamie from Mediapoint here, and I’m one of the founders and owners. Today I’m going to talk to you about clear stickers with and without white ink. This is something we commonly get asked about.

The reason being is we’re a digital printer, we’re not a screen or offset printer. The way our inks interact onto clear materials is a little bit different to everyone else. On a normal clear stock, printed on with our latex inks, the ink is a little bit washed out. Because of this, you get this little translucent effect. On the screen you will see that this isn’t very solid. Because of this, some customers like this for certain window effects because they don’t want it to be solid.

A lot of customers want that solid effect so behind these colors they want it to stand out and be punchy, not be see through. As you can see from my hand there, you can sort of see the colors there, but then on my top, it’s sort of washed out. On a black background, you barely see the ink. And on windows, if you just had a sticker like this, it’s not going to work and your customer’s really not going to be happy.

To get around this though, we can print a white ink clay behind your CMYK. If you have a look at the difference in this sticker, you can just see that the red is punchier. The brown would probably be hard to see just because of the dark background and stuff like that, but it’s a lot more solid. If I put my hand behind it, you can see that it’s all there. The reason for this is we put a white ink clay behind this CMYK. This is really important. We can also print the CMYK, the white ink on the stone so you only see white. Because we are using UV inks for the white ink, you find that the ink is a lot more solid on white. On solvents and other digital white inks, it’s not as solid as this which is why we can get away with it.

In regards to stickers for white ink, what we always ask for any white ink job is to have three layers on your artwork. The first layer is your cut layer as a stroke. If you have a custom shape, even if it’s a rectangle, just make it easier an call it cut layer. The second layer is your CMYK layer. All this means is having your CMYK, no white ink, just have anything and everything there. Even if there’s going to be white ink behind it, you need to have this CMYK layer. If there’s no white ink in it, there’s no CMYK in the area, you don’t need to have anything there. The third layer is obviously the white ink layer. Call this layer white ink. You can have one solid color. Any color that you like, but make sure it’s on the white ink layer. Even if it’s underneath the CMYK, you need to have white ink on that layer and the CMYK on the other layer. Even though they’re going to be on top of each other.

When sending through the order to us as well, what you need to do is also tell us if you want the white ink to be printed first or if you want the white ink to be printed second over the top of the CMYK. The reason being is some people want a normal sticker just stuck on the outside of the window and they want the white in to be behind the CMYK. However, some people also flip their artwork and what that will require is the whiting to be printed first, actually the whiting to be printed second and the CMYK first. To do this, what you’ll need to do is also reverse your artwork to make it easier. Just let us know your install, how you’re using it. If they are reverse stickers, we’ll know to keep an eye on it. If they’re normal we’ll know that as well. Don’t let me trick you out with that because it can be a bit confusing at first.

Also, I encourage if you’re a new customer to book an appointment to have a chat with me. I’m always out and about doing stuff. However, with new customers and even existing customers some of us like to chat regularly. Reason being is we’ve got this product on our price list and a whole heap of old products. Our price list covers about 60% of what we do. However, we’ve also got 40%, a whole heap of other stuff that customers don’t know about. I encourage you to have a look at our price list and also book an appointment to chat to me. And by doing that, I can set up pricing or do anything custom to suit your needs. I find that my top 5 to 10% of clients that we’ve dealt with and done this with, they manage to get a whole heap more work and I’ve helped them increase their revenue.

Thanks for listening in and I hope to chat to you again.