Digital Floor Graphic Printing

Digital Floor Printing

Video Transcript:

Hey, guys. It’s Jamie here. I’m one of the founders at Mediapoint. Today I want to talk to you a little bit about floor graphics, as it’s a little bit of a miscellaneous product that we do. However, a lot of our customers have been asking us for something for carpet and flat and smooth surfaces. This is something that can be on both.

With this little product called text cloth, it’s great little product because that it can actually stick to carpet. I’m just going to use my top to as an example for this. The great thing about this product is we don’t actually need to laminate it. It comes in with a bumpy surface, so it is anti-slip resistant, so it is safe to walk on. You can see from my top, it will stick to me all fine. It’s great for carpets even though it’s not a flat, smooth surface.

The great thing about it is it’s removable, so it’s not a very high-tech stock. In some instances, as long as you get the adhesive clean, what we’ve found is you can reuse it as well. Keep the edges down. Even on carpet surface, we’ve had a few rugs down for a few months. It stayed down perfectly, even though we haven’t had a lot of foot traffic on it. However, I know this product is only rated for few months on the surface, especially for high-traffic areas. It won’t last much longer after that. With carpet, it’s really hard to find a product that will last long term, because of the make up of the surface.

Also, this will stick to flat, smooth surfaces, which is all fine. This is really important because some customers have concrete with bumps in it. It won’t work on that surface at all because it can’t adhere to the whole surface. If it is concrete, it needs to be polished or smooth concrete. Can’t be asphalt on the roads. It has to be smooth. Tiles and stuff like that, it will stick fine as well. It’s a great little product.

We can also cut it to shape, so we’re not limited. Our own limitation on size is a 1.2 meter width by whatever length you need. If you do have a bigger panel you need, it will need to be tiled up in sections rather than being one massive piece.

Other than that, if you are looking at a massive floor graphics for flat, smooth surfaces, and you want to save a few dollars, we can also do it as your normal floor sticker with laminate over the top, which will save. Shoot us an email with your project and what you’re trying to do and we’ll recommend the best solution is for you.

This is a great little product to get away with most indoor floor graphic needs. I also encourage you to book and have an appointment with me ¬†email solutions and you’ll probably get emailed about it. The reason for this is a 15 minutes chat is better for me to get to know you. What I find is we’ve got our product list with hooks everyone on and gets everyone the full products. However, there’s a lot of little products that each customer needs or needs custom pricing because that’s the way they do business. A lot of my Gold Clients that I’ve dealt with, I’ve developed relationships like this because I’ve set up certain things for them that’s allowed them to sell more, make more money, and also pass us more work. It’s a massive win. I encourage you to do this.

Our thanks for listening in and I hope to hear more from you.