Corflute Board Printing

Corflute Sticker Printing

Video Transcript:

Hey guys. It’s Jamie from Mediapoint here, and I’m one of the founders, as you guys would all know.

I’m going to talk to you about corflute boards. This is a product we always get asked about from customers.

We print them on our flatbed. It’s a massive moving product for any outdoor signs, the reason being is it’s really cost effective, and what you’ll find, is customers that are looking for corflute boards, they might be looking for one or two lighter boards. We also get a lot of customers that are after fifty, a hundred, two-fifty, a thousand boards, regular [inaudible 00:00:28] as well as coming in.

There are a few common sizes that people tend to order, we find. With the A1’s, it’s about six hundred by nine hundred mil. With A2’s you got six hundred by four-fifty fifty, and then for the larger boards, which are around A0, you’ve got twelve hundred by nine hundred. The reason why these are great sizes is we can sort of fit, maximize our sheet usage with these corflute boards.

The other good thing about corflute is it’s not a perfectly flat material; it’s got ridges running through it, so you can see the flutes going down it. On the odd occasion, we have customers who are requesting that flute to be a certain direction, so either vertical or horizontal. With that, an A3 requested in the quote, without trade pricing, it does have the flutes going in the multiple directions. The reason being is, on certain sizes, we might have some of the boards on our sheet going that with the flute and that way to maximize our sheets. By having a certain flute direction we don’t maximize how many we can get off a sheet, which will increase the price of the boards. It’s really important to tell us if you have flute direction.

The reason why flute direction’s important for some customers is they might be needing spikes in the ground and they need to put their corflute sign through it. In that regard, they might need vertical flutes so they can get the spikes in there. Some other customers like having horizontal boards, just to help with wind. They find them a lot more sturdier on the wind load, as vertical can bend a little bit more. With our corflute, we can go to a max size of twelve hundred by twenty-four hundred mil. Anything larger we can get on multiple boards and panel it up, so if you’re sticking them to a wall or a fence, we can go that way, as well.

Our inks on the flatbed print on right [inaudible 00:02:07] outdoors, and in that our pricing is for rectangular-ish size boards or shape. We also can do custom shape on our [inaudible 00:02:14] paying table. Even though corflutes are on our price list, if you’re doing anything custom, shoot us an email.

We also find that, as corflute can get pretty heavy when you’re ordering fifty or a hundred boards, the way we pack it is awesome. We pack foam around the perimeter and make a custom box. That way when it goes in the query trucks it’s not smashing in. There’s not any loose packaging and it sort of crashes into the box. By having it tight, the ground crews will put stuff on there and it won’t damage the edge of the board. In our last three years we’ve only had an issue with two of our deliveries, and they’ve fallen off and they’ve just been run over. Other than that, we’ve been pretty good with our corflute boards that are shipped out.

Other than that, I’d love to book a time to have a phone appointment with you for ten or fifteen minutes. The reason being is I’d like to get a feel of your business and see where we fit in. Even though we’ve got prices, what I find having individual chat with people, we can find individual products or pricing or service that we’d need to alter to tweak to fit to their business, rather than fully molding around to fit to us. By doing this, it helps build a relationship. You’ll see that in an email from us, or you can find that in my signature.

Thanks for listening in, and I hope we can connect in the future.