Cool Stuff We Can Do at MediaPoint

Cool Stuff We Do at MediaPoint

Video Transcript:

Thanks for opening up our email. What I want to talk to you about is some of the cool stuff that we can do. As you’re in the printing game, no doubt you know a little bit about the print industry and the way you do things. I just want to talk to you about what we do differently. We run a large format printer, a latex, we’ve got three of them that we do run and we print a lot of SAVs, self-adhesive vinyls, posters, banners through them. We also have a massive 3.2 by 1.6 meter wide flatbed printer and what this allows us to do is to print straight onto the substrate.

Why this is important is, why printing directly onto the sub-straight we’re cutting out the cost of printing on a setup or sticker and mounting straight to the board. This cuts down turnaround times and also cuts out costs as well. It allows us to be really competitive. Where the magic happens in what we do is in the finishing side. With us, we’ve got a digital cutting table for our board stock which allows us to cut custom shapes. It allows us to also do custom creasing and a wide range of options such as routing and scoring a few others as well.

You can also drill holes in this. Where are benefits lie on the small to medium runs, on massive runs with custom finishing on that sort of table stock is not possible. What you find is we can get you out of a jam on a standard run or a smaller run and we have managed to get a few larger runs involved with good margins as well. In regards to stickers and posters and stuff, we finish it the same sort of way. We’ve got plotters for piece cutting stickers and also use a digital cutting table for that.

You might think of us very differently to how you do things and you’re probably running a Guillotine, creasing machine, stuff like that so you’re very original in what you do but the benefit of using us is we’re pretty versatile. If you’ve got any small prototyping runs or anything like that you need custom finishing, have the chat to ask a little bit, we can probably help you out with that.

Just like we also offer some nifty products which you can see in our pricing page, however, if you’ve got any products that aren’t on the pricing page or any spots that you don’t see, please feel free to drop us an email to accounts at Please give us a call. My name is Jaime, so if you’ve got any queries, please feel free to ask for me as well. Thank you.